A Place in the Sun’s Ben Hillman ‘worried’ over buyer’s reaction: ‘Not passionate’

A Place in the Sun: Ben Hillman says couple are ‘pragmatic’

Couple Victoria and David joined A Place in the Sun property expert Ben Hillman in Spain as they looked for a beautiful retreat away from their home in the UK. The pair were excited to get a taste of what the nation had to offer but with a smaller budget of £110,000, the limitations of their search soon became clear. At one point, Ben admitted he had “worry” as the couple weren’t “being very passionate” when it came to pondering over which property to choose. 

Although David and Victoria had never visited the location of Costa Cálida before, they were certain it was where they wanted to move to.

But the pair proved a tough crowd to please and it wasn’t until the final property they started to really show approval of Ben’s choices. 

Whilst showing them the second potential new home of the afternoon, Ben took them onto the property’s terrace.

“It’s a good size, isn’t it?” Ben remarked, leading them towards the sea view the property offered.

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“Can’t beat a sea view,” David told the host before Ben asked whether the pair were avid beach-goers. 

“We are, yeah,” Victoria commented. “We’re people watchers!”

Ben allowed the duo some time to explore the rest of what the house had to offer.

However, despite their positive reactions, Ben made clear his worries to the camera.

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He said: “I’ve got to say this is a real step-up from the last property and they’re being very pragmatic about it.

“My only worry is, they’re not being very passionate about it.”

Electrician David expressed plans to “modernise the fittings” if they were to go forward but ultimately they decided not to proceed with that particular home.

“It’s still not open plan enough for us, it’s a good position, I like it being by the sea, close to restaurants and bars,” Victoria said. 

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Later on, David and Victoria were delighted when Ben “pulled it out the bag” just in time. 

He finally managed to find the pair the property of their dreams in the final few minutes of the programme. 

Victoria was left emotional by the property, becoming tearful and telling Ben: I’m a little bit speechless!

 “I think I’m going to cry,” she admitted, with the host commenting: “Certainly haven’t had this reaction before.”

David joked he was “disappointed” due to it not needing any obvious work done to it. 

The couple had previously told Ben, they were keen on a renovation-style project but they later realised they wanted something slightly more polished.

The couple decided they were ultimately going to place an offer on the property to try and secure it. 

The pair’s second offer of £109,000 was accepted by the vendors, meaning they became the new owner’s of the “dream” property. 

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 3pm on Channel 4. 

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