Amanda Owen in tears as children bid farewell to beloved pet ‘All really upset’

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda cries after Joe the pony dies

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Amanda Owen, 47, was forced to tell her nine children the upsetting news that their pony Little Joe, who they had all grown up with, had died suddenly overnight. The Our Yorkshire Farm star sobbed as Clemmy, five, and Nancy, four, bid farewell to their pet. The shepherdess headed straight to the ponies in the morning to check on them, but she discovered Little Joe hadn’t woken up.

With all the Owen children having their own farming responsibilities, Clemmy often looked after the two ponies.

Youngest child Nancy asked: “Is that pony going to die?” pointing towards Tony.

Amanda explained that Tony was very young and Joe had died of old age.

“What happened? Did he get old to die?” Nancy asked.

“He did,” replied the Ravenseat farmer. She added: “But he didn’t suffer, he just dropped.

“He just obviously had a heart attack.”

Schoolgirl Clemmy commented: “Well one good thing, I’ve looked after him really well.”

Her mother responded: “You did look after him really well.”

“He’s been fed really good and he’s grown a lot of wool that’s really cosy,” the youngster stated.

“I don’t think there could be a better looked-after pony,” Amanda replied.

She added: “Say night-night,” as Nancy stroked the pony a final time.

Tearfully, The Yorkshire Shepherdess remarked: “He had a good life. We’re really going to miss him.

“They’re all really upset about it,” she added before oldest child Raven came home from university to say goodbye to the family friend.

Amanda explained: “Raven’s really upset about losing Little Joe, he’s been a continuous presence in her life.”

Raven assisted the younger children in decorating a tree trunk as a memorial to the pony.

The youngsters wrote messages to Joe, complete with pictures.

Viewers joined Amanda in getting emotional, with Muffy writing on Twitter: “I’m in bits here!!! Poor little Joe! #OurYorkshireFarm.”

Cath wrote: “Well that’s me crying then #OurYorkshireFarm.”

Elle penned: “Rest in peace lil joe. we’re all out here crying #ouryorkshirefarm.”

“Omg poor little Joe. How heartbreaking Crying face #OurYorkshireFarm @AmandaOwen8,” Christine Anderton commented.

Beanie904 shared: “Oh poor Joe #ouryorkshirefarm.”

Tallboy stated: “I have something in my eye #OurYorkshireFarm.” (sic)

Our Yorkshire Farm returns next Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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