America’s Got Talent’s Howie Mandel sparks concern as he misses live show ‘Hope you’re ok’

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Howie has become part of the furniture on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, sharing his verdict on performers alongside the likes of Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara. But on Tuesday, June 14, Howie’s seat on the panel was left empty for a handful of performances, leaving his fellow judges to share their reactions without him. As such, a number of fans in the USA were quick to express their concern on social media – although Howie has since assured fans there’s nothing to worry about.

Howie’s absence on the show comes as a result of the star feeling unwell at the time of recording.

With AGT auditions filmed months before they make it to NBC, Howie’s assured fans he’s now fine.

And his absence is only temporary, with the fan-favourite’s spot on the show still secure and a return for the rest of the series on the cards.

But while he couldn’t be there in person, Howie addressed his temporary departure while the episode was on the air via Twitter.

He jokingly tweeted to his 810.4k followers: “Sorry everyone, can you cover for me tonight? @heidiklum #AGT.”

And it didn’t take long for a number of fans to share their concerns and well wishes.

Kathryne Gayle replied: “Please take care of yourself, Howie; I hope that you feel better, soon!!!”

While fellow AGT fan @Bogart1173 commented: “Hope you feel better soon.”

And Christina Kay Strauss echoed: “Hope you’re doing better get well soon @howiemandel.”

Howie was still in high spirits by the time the episode ended as he thanked fans for supporting the show.

“Thanks for watching everyone #AGT,” he simply tweeted as Tuesday’s episode ended.

The AGT judge also showed his support for one act who performed in his absence, comedian Hayden Kristal.

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The deaf comedian took to the stage alongside an interpreter with her act and left all three judges in stitches with her routine.

Hayden admitted she was inspired by other acts with disabilities who have thrived on the show.

After her performance, Sofia said: “Hayden, thank you so much for being here tonight, I had a great time listening to you.

“I love that you make fun of yourself, I was laughing the whole time.”

Simon described Hayden as “brilliantly funny” before all three judges sent her through to the next round.

“Good luck Hayden! I think Howie would’ve loved it,” Sofia commented as Hayden made her way off stage.

Reacting at home, Howie replied: “You’re right, @SofiaVergara, I loved this #AGT.”

Howie will return to AGT next week for another round of live auditions.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays on NBC in the USA.

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