BBC Breakfast viewers slam ‘appalling’ and ‘biased’ Rayner interview

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During Tuesday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, hosts Sally Nugent and Jon Kay spoke to the Labour MP regarding calls for the government to release documents on PPE contracts. The party has highlighted their concern over the huge contracts which were awarded to Medpro during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, many companies across the UK were awarded Covid contracts to allow them to obtain PPE in order to help stop the spread of the virus.

Labour has highlighted its issue with the contracts awarded to PPE Medpro which is linked to Baroness Michelle Mone.

It’s reported Mone and her family gained a huge £29m in profits from the PPE company after she recommended it to ministers at the time.

Bringing Rayner onto BBC Breakfast to speak about Labour’s demand for the documents to be released, Nugent questioned the MP on what exactly they were asking for.

However, Nugent pushed back and asked Rayner if she can appreciate during the time the nation was in a global pandemic there was a sense of urgency.

Nugent added: “On this programme every day we were talking about lack of PPE and complaining that people weren’t able to get hold of it.

“Can you appreciate that perhaps there wasn’t time at that point for the government to put all the checks in place?”

Although the Labour MP revealed that made her even more frustrated as companies which already had a track record of delivering PPE were not able to deliver and get through to the government.

Twitter user HughEdw31897368 swiped: “BBC thinks it’s okay to merely read out statements from government departments. It’s NOT okay. Get a government minister on and challenge them. Tory-run BBC is not fit for purpose.”

Erasmo2058 said: “Sally desperately trying to defend the government. #BBCBreakfast.”

With chrisboywoodfor adding: “Every time I see Sally Nugent try a heavyweight interview she just seems hopelessly out of her depth as she did just now. She’s come alive now they’ve switched to panto though   #BBCBreakfast.”

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6am.

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