Beat the Chasers fans gobsmacked as Jenny Ryan gets Elon Musk question wrong

Beat the Chasers viewers were left gobsmacked by Jenny Ryan's mistake when she answered a question about Elon Musk wrong.

On the latest celebrity special episode of Beat the Chasers, award-winning comedian Russell Kane bagged a whopping £25,000 for charity Rethink.

The 45-year-old said the cash prize would “make a lot of difference” to the mental health charity.

But his big win came at an even bigger cost to the chasers, who notoriously can’t stand being defeated.

Russell was a bag of nerves at first, and when Bradders asked the Enfield-born funny-man how he was feeling, his answer was always going to be a cheeky one.

“Oh, I’ve been on the Imodium since last Wednesday thinking about coming here," he quipped, leaving the live audience in hysterics.

But he made it out in one piece, eventually managing to achieve something impressive that few contestants do: beat those pesky Chasers.

However, the comedian was only able to take home the cash because Jenny Ryan – the chaser known as the Vixen – tripped on one major question.

Asked which of Elon Musk’s many firms are on an ambitious mission to colonise Mars, she replied Tesla, which was wrong.

Tesla is actually the billionaire’s electric and driverless vehicle business, while SpaceX is the Musk-founded aerospace outfit planning to make humans a spacefaring species.

Jenny – who has appeared on the likes of Mastermind and Fifteen to One – said “sorry” to her peers.

The Chasers seemed to forgive the 38-year-old for the silly mistake that spelled the beginning of the end for them.

The same can’t be said of Twitter, with one raging viewer posting: “How the f*** did they screw that up?”

Another said: "Darragh's b**** face when Jenny said Tesla."

And a third noted: "Ooh that was a dirty look Anne just gave Jenny then!"

Presented by Bradley Walsh, Beat the Chasers is a spin-off from ITV’s hit gameshow The Chase, where contestants play against a professional quizzer known as "the Chaser".

Just like in the original, Chasers use their expansive knowledge in an effort to stop the contestant scooping the big bucks on offer.

But in Beat the Chasers, challengers go head-to-head with up to five of the brainiacs to try and win as much money as possible.

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