Below Deck Down Under release date: When is the new spin-off out?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Hayu releases series two trailer

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Below Deck Down Under is taking the show’s sailing fans to Australia for the first time. The show promises to give viewers the same Below Deck experience, only this time with added Aussie charm. But when will the new show actually drop? 

When is Below Deck Down Under out?

Below Deck Down Under was officially confirmed back in May, but Bravo has revealed little information since.

Unsurprisingly, the new series will take place in Australia and will boast the country’s breathtaking views and locations.

Fans should expect to see the new crew set sail around the Great Barrier Reef, with a new crew on a new superyacht. 

The spin-off was confirmed by NBC, with filming already well underway – originally commencing in April.

An official release date has not been confirmed, but with filming taking place over two months ago, fans should expect the series to drop in late 2021 at the earliest.

Showcasing Australia’s sunshine during the west’s winter, a fall 2021 release date seems most likely for the streaming platform.

The official synopsis of the series on the Bravo website reads: “Coming to Peacock is Below Deck Down Under, which will follow yachties as they work and play on a super-yacht sailing around Australia.

“The new series will also showcase a unique additional challenge for the crew as the guests expect not only an adventure on the water but also underwater with scuba diving and other activities as some of the main attractions of the region.”

Peacock is not available in the UK, with the original show airing on Hayu and Netflix in Britain.

It has not been confirmed who will be airing the new series in the UK, but Hayu and Netflix are once again the most likely platforms. 

Both a subscription services, with Hayu beginning at a starting price of £5.99 and Netflix with the same – £5.99.

Currently, there are three different Below Deck shows including the original of the same name, Below Deck: Mediterranean and Below Deck: Sailing Yacht.

All three continue to be massive hits for Bravo, the show’s original broadcaster, which is owned by NBC.

Rod Aissa, EVP Unscripted, Documentary and Lifestyle, recently sat down with Deadline to discuss the broadcaster’s excitement for the expansion of the franchise.

Aissa explained: “You have people coming in for a week, so there’s always new characters that come in, in terms of the guests.

“You have a crew that is getting to know each other, and relationships are evolving over the course of the season.

“You have these drop-dead gorgeous backdrops — you just want to be there, and you want to be on the boat, and you want it to be served by these great people that are running the boat.”

Fans have also been sharing their excitement for Below Deck, with many of them taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new show and beyond.

“You all know I’m a #BelowDeck lover & I am SO excited for Below Deck Down Under,” one fan commented.

Another added: “NEVER been more excited! #BelowDeck.”

Below Deck Down Under is not the only new spin-off in the works, as Bravo also announced Below Deck Adventure.

The synopsis reads: “Below Deck Adventure, premiering early 2022 on Bravo, will feature wealthy thrill seekers as they get into all sorts of adrenaline-pumping activities on their luxury yacht vacation.

“Season 1 will take place in the glacial fjords of Norway,” the first time the show has taken viewers to a colder climate.

The casts and crew for both shows have not yet been revealed, with more information expected to follow in the coming months.

Below Deck Down Under will be available to watch on Peacock.

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