Ben Shephard ‘heartbroken’ as he apologises to Tipping Point player during game

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Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard admitted one contestant's exit was "heartbreaking" on Wednesday afternoon when the machine delivered a cruel blow.

Player Rena dropped several counters into drop zone four, where heaps of counters were piled on top of one another – including a few illustrious double counters.

However, the machine refused to budge, meaning her prize pot remained at just £150 – signalling her defeat.

Ben couldn't get over the bout of bad luck, and labelled the Tipping Point machine as a "cruel mistress".

When it came to Rena's final shot at making it through to the second round, she looked mournfully at the machine and said: "It's just pinned."

Another contestant weighed in: "It's defying gravity…"

When Ben realised Rena wasn't going to earn any dosh, he apologised to her and remarked: "That was heartbreaking. What a cruel mistress she can be."

Ben went on to label the unusual behaviour of the machine as an "extraordinary twist," surprised by the turn of events.

Rena had one last shot at making it through to the second round in a sudden death quiz session, but she wasn't quick enough to the buzzer.

Her rival Dave got the question right first – which concerned Lego – and sent her home empty-handed.

Ben exclaimed: "Rena I'm so sorry, I can't quite believe it but I'm afraid that means we're going to be losing you."

He added that she "did everything you possibly could" to survive in the game.

She looked incredibly disappointed and replied: "I've had a great day."

Player Chris managed to fend off the competition and make it through to the final round with £1,400 to his name.

He succeeded in boosting his prize pot to £3,000, but felt it was too risky to gamble on the jackpot counter – a move he came to regret.

After deciding to take the money, Ben revealed the jackpot counter would have fallen in a single drop – leaving him with a whopping £10,000.

Hopefully, tomorrow's contestants will have a better streak of luck.

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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