BGT backstage secrets – practise auditions, six hour wait and Simon’s weak spot

Britain's Got Talent's biggest backstage secrets have been revealed.

The much-loved ITV talent show is soon to be back on our screens and with the auditions kicking off last week, a whole new load of contestants are ready to show off their skills.

The Daily Star spoke exclusively to BGT legends and dance duo Twist and Pulse to find out the biggest behind-the-scenes secrets of the show.

Twist and Pulse, formerly known as Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy, first shot to fame after appearing on the hit programme in 2010.

In 2019, the pair also went on to win the all-star version, Britain's Got Talent: The Champions.

So, who better to tell us all the juicy backstage goss? Let's take a look at what they told us…

Secret pre-auditions

According to Twist and Pulse, the live TV shows isn't the first time contestants show off their routines.

Ashley said: "Yeah so you have to producer round first where you have to perform in a room with a little tiny TV and I remember it was really awkward.

"And I remember when we were doing our Cheeky Girls dance in front of one producer, and then we were like 'Er, thank you, bye…'"

Glen added: "Then we waiting for a letter to come through the door to say we got through. It's a weird kind of stage to go through but it's just part of the process and it gets you rehearsing for that and well prepared for when the actual stage comes you're ready…"

TV's Mr 'Nice' Guy

But what many fans would love to know is what is TV boss Mr Cowell is like in real life, having certainly "mellowed out" over the years since having sin son, Eric.

Looking back at their first audition, Ashley recalled: "The quick answer to that is he was scary…

"I remember seeing him there and he was almost floating like a God. But when we came back for The Champions series, he was so lovely.

"I think it is definitely because he has mellowed from being a dad."

He continued: "He was coming up and hugging us. He is a genuinely nice guy. Parents always ask us 'is he really that nasty?' But the truth is, he isn't, he's actually a big softy."

But how do you hit Simon's sweet spot, the dancing duo reveal how…

Glen explained: "It's just hard work, he can tell when someone has put the time into something and when it's genuinely come from a place of passion.

"In 2019, I think he could see that we hadn't stopped grafting and took the time to really put the time and the effort in. That's why he's such a good talent judge because he can definitely see the hard work as well as the talent."

Long days

When it comes to arriving at your audition, apparently you're already at a loss with queues worse than Thorpe Park on a summer's day.

Glen said: "I feel like it is as you see on TV, there's a lot of waiting around and you know when you see the shots of people queuing up and they look like they are there for hours and hours, well it is all real and you actually do have to queue in those.

"Literally, in the freezing cold and people do actually queue in them. The actual thought that you have to go on stage after six hours queuing and give the best performance of your life is quite challenging!"

Ashley added: "I'd thought 'oh yeah, they shoot that for ten mins and then shout c'mon everyone let's go inside in the warm'.

"But they don't…"

Top tips

When asked what advice the pair have for the 15th series' contestants, Ashley tipped: "You have to enjoy it otherwise you walk away from it and think 'oh, I should have just relaxed and had fun with it'.

"That's what we always remember. As nervous as we were, it was the best feeling ever. So, just enjoy it otherwise you will regret it."

Glen also added: "I think just be yourself. There's nothing worse than pretending to be someone else on TV and then people know you're not that person. If you're not that person then I think you're going to struggle.

"As long as you're yourself and you be true to who you are, then you will be fine. Keep grounded.

"Our parents always said to us, from our very first audition, 'just make sure you keep yourself grounded and treat people how you want to be treated.'"

BGT returns on April 16 at 8pm on ITV

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