Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan breaks silence on mind-boggling Derry Girls crossover episode

BRIDGERTON star Nicola Coughlan has teased the potential repercussions of a suggested mash-up with her iconic comedy, Derry Girls.

The Galway-born actress, who plays Penelope Featherington in Netflix's hit Regency-era drama, mused over the prospects of two of her TV roles colliding when approached by a fan on Twitter.

The social media user bluntly told Channel 4 Derry Girls' Clare Devlin: "Ok, @nicolacoughlan I think you must bow to public pressure and give the people what they want.

"Kindly commence work immediately on the Bridgerton/Derry Girls crossover episode."

Adding further detail to the drama proposal, they then suggested: "The pitch practically writes itself: “The ton is all aflutter with the latest scandal: who could possibly have written the intriguing missive about being a “wee lesbian” in the school paper?"

Clearly excited by the prospect Nicola, 34, re-posted the message with the comment: "Oh Christ, imagine the Derry Girls at a regency ball?

"If Clare met Queen Charlotte, she'd have a panic attack on the spot."

Previously, Nicola revealed she "can't fathom" the amount of people who have binge-watched Bridgerton on the streaming service.

And although fans may have to wait a while – or even forever – for a potential Derry Girls and Bridgerton crossover, the Harlots star has vowed series three of the former will be "phenomenal."

The hit Channel 4 comedy has been off screens since April last year.

Filming of series three has been massively delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, and while there is still no confirmed start date, Nicola is excited at what is to come.

She told The Guardian: "I'm not allowed to say anything about the scripts, but they're just phenomenal."

Of writer Lisa McGee, she added: "She's a proper genius, Lisa is. Now I just really want to go and do it, and we can't!"

Nicola previously revealed how filming should have started in the summer, but the cast had had to make do with online video calls to stay in touch.

Derry Girls series 1 and 2 are available on All4.


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