Chloe and Mack's secret kiss uncovered in Emmerdale spoiler video

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Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) are feeling all kinds of awkward in this new Emmerdale video as they try and move past a recent kiss.

After Charity (Emma Atkins) discovered Mackenzie is Reuben’s dad, she understandably reacted badly and threw her husband out, later taking great pleasure in giving away his clothes and personal items in the village.

While Charity has dealt with the ordeal her way, Mack has done so by building a relationship with his baby boy, going to the registry office with Chloe and ultimately being a father, something he has longed to do.

With Reuben now out of hospital following his bacterial meningitis diagnosis, Chloe is thoroughly enjoying the stability Mackenzie is bringing her and so much so, recently tried to express how she feels by kissing him.

As Chloe falls for Mack, they talk about their moment in this new video, but it’s clear that she feels somewhat hurt when Mackenzie tells her it didn’t mean anything.

They meet in the middle and come to an agreement that it simply happened because their emotions were heightened about Reuben but as Mack walks away, they fail to spot Amy (Natalie Ann Jameson) in the background who overhears one specific word.


But what will Amy have to say about this?

As Chloe develops feelings for Mackenzie, we get the feeling she won’t be swayed by any comment from her sister, but what will this mean for Charity if they end up starting a relationship?

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