Coleen Rooney reveals why she 'felt for' Becky Vardy in 'painful' Wagatha trial & how she got through giving evidence | The Sun

COLEEN Rooney has revealed why she "felt for" Rebekah Vardy in the "painful" Wagatha trial and how she got through giving evidence.

Speaking in her new Disney+ documentary, which hit screens on Wednesday morning, Coleen shared all about the harrowing nearly-five years she endured during the saga.

The mum-of-four spoke about the strain it put on her family and her already turbulent marriage with ex-England star Wayne Rooney.

Stories that were leaked to the press included one which gave an insight into the state of the Rooneys’ wed life.

The expose followed an incident where the former footballer was pulled over by cops for drink driving with party girl Laura ­Simpson after a boozy night out in 2017.

Admitting it fuelled her paranoia and sense of betrayal, WAG Coleen, 37, turned sleuth – gathering evidence against who we now know is Leicester footballer Jamie Vardy's wife Rebekah.

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Coleen Rooney reveals why she’ll never forgive Becky over Wagatha saga

The saga ended up at the High Court last year after Rebekah sued Coleen for libel, but lost.

And in the new three-part doc, Coleen said it was "painful" to watch Rebekah give evidence.

She said: "It was painful watching it. In a weird way, I felt for her.

"She chose to go to court and to put herself in that situation. It wasn't nice."

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Coleen Rooney reveals why she’ll never forgive Becky over Wagatha saga


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It comes as Coleen revealed how the thought of speaking in court "terrified" her and how Wayne reassured her.

She added: "The night before going on the stand, I was terrified. 

"I could fall to pieces on that stand. I get through life saying to myself 'come on Coleen, it's fine'.

"This was my chance to live out my truth."

Appearing in the doc, Wayne said he told his wife: "You are going to be fine, go in there and be you. Be honest and tell the truth, they'll see you're genuine." 

In parts, hard-to-watch moments of the case were discussed.

Coleen tearfully told how Whatsapp messages exchanged between Rebekah and her agent Caroline Watts – who also had access to Rebekah's Instagram account – discussed using Coleen's dead sister to spark up a conversation with her.

The texts were just after Coleen had unfollowed Rebekah on Insta and Rebekah wanted to ask 'why?' – but needed a reason to speak to her.

In the conversation, Rebekah called Coleen a "c***".

Rebekah then followed it up by replying: "Maybe I should say something about Rosie."

Rosie died aged 14 in 2013 after a lifelong battle with the rare brain disorder Rett syndrome, which causes severe disabilities.

Coleen said she felt "sick" when her lawyers sent over the transcripts.

She said: "I thought about my Whatsapp exchange with Rebekah… I just thought, you're so two faced. 

"To plan to create a story to get me to reply back is one thing but to use my sister who's passed away is just wrong."

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Coleen also told how she will never forgive her fellow WAG as she admits "[Rebekah] is still denying" it and that she pretended to be shocked after leaking stories about the couple.

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