Coronation Street taken off air in ITV schedule shake-up

Coronation Street has been taken off the air tonight due to the Rugby World Cup.

Coronation Street is usually aired on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but tonight’s (October 6) episode won’t be aired due to a clash with the France vs Italy game, which kicks off at 8pm.

The much-loved soap usually airs at 8pm following Emmerdale, but because of the game fans will have to wait until next week to find out what happens next to the residents of Weatherfield.

This week fans still managed to see three episodes as the show aired on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday instead.

However, not all Corrie fans were pleased at the new shake-up, which follows on from moreschedule changes last week due to Rugby .

On a Twitter post announcing the timing changes, one fan wrote: “This [is] absolutely ridiculous! Can’t cope with this anymore."

Another person wrote: “Stop playing with my routine lads."

Someone else put: “B****y rugby. Why can’t it go on itv2??? Why does it always have to spoil our regular programs."

The soap has been gripping fans lately as an ongoing plot leaves viewers trying to figure out who serial killer Stephen Reid's next victim is.

ITV released spoilers this week that showed how serial killer Stephen, who has already murdered three people, plans to flee Weatherfield as the other residents of Coronation Street work out what he had been up to.

Carla Connor, played byAlison King, becomes convinced Stephen has been dosing her up on LSD – but she can’t prove it without evidence.

But after discovering a one way ticket to Thailand, she sees DS Swain (Vicky Myers) and insists Stephen needs to be apprehended because he’s dangerous and a flight risk.

Meanwhile, in the scenes set to be aired next week, Tim Metcalfe is distracted from his wedding anniversary plans with Sally Webster when he hears about Stephen’s recent interest in canal dredging.

Tim ventures down to the canal path where he discovers a corpse but as he races back to his cab to call the police, suddenly the line goes dead.

Stephen climbs into the backseat of the cab and tries to strangle him. Tim manages to escape and makes a bid for freedom but Stephen knocks him unconscious with a brick. Fans are left wondering whether Tim has become another of Stephen’s victims.

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