Coronation Street’s Sue Nicholls’ ‘assurance’ to fans about Audrey’s killer son

Coronation Street: Tim is attacked by Stephen

Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls has assured fans regarding her character Audrey Roberts as her on-screen serial killer son’s story comes to its climax.

The soap star, 79, has had to tell her fans not to worry about Audrey as they fear she may meet a grisly exit thanks to her son Stephen Reid’s murderous ways.

“Some people are still telling me he is up to no good and Audrey should see him for what he is,” the legendary actor explained.

“The people I know best when I go shopping in Sainsbury’s tell me to be careful and I assure them that I am being.

“I think they will be very worried this week, I have been telling them to keep watching as his behaviour is going to get very worrying.”

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The mum-of-three said her on-screen son, played by actor Todd Boyce, has started shopping in the same supermarket as her and the staff tell her: “Your son has been in.”

Speaking about whether Audrey has any doubts about Stephen, Sue shared: “No she hasn’t had any doubts about him at all, that is what is so hard for her hearing all these things that he has supposedly done.

“She’s so wrapped up with being so proud of him. She has been caught up with the fact that he has led such a glamorous life and she has boasted about him to everyone.

“How can she possibly believe what people are saying about him?” she expressed.

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On Wednesday night’s episode, viewers will see Audrey go to confront Stephen but she walks in on a confrontation between Stephen and Peter (played by Chris Gascoyne).

“She arrives at the front to confront him about the house money and discovers Stephen and Peter arguing and Peter has clearly attacked Stephen,” the ITV star divulged.

“Although she is angry with Stephen herself she has no idea why Peter is attacking him.

“If she hadn’t got there I am sure Peter would have killed him.”

Viewers were left on the edge of their seats during Monday night’s episode as Stephen brutally attacked Tim Metcalfe (Played by Joe Duttine) and left him for dead.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX

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