Does Nadine die in The Serpent?

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All eight episodes of The Serpent are streaming on the BBC iPlayer now, with episodes continuing to air every Sunday on BBC One. Mathilde Warnier portrays Charles Sobhraj’s (played Tahar Rahim) real-life neighbour, Nadine Gires in The Serpent on BBC but does Nadine die in The Serpent? has everything you need to know.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about The Serpent

Does Nadine die in The Serpent?

Nadine is the friendly french neighbour of Charles Sobhraj and Marie-Andrée Leclerc (Jenna Coleman) at Kanit House, Bangkok, Thailand.

At the time, Charles and Marie-Andree were known as Alain Gautier and Monique.

Nadine lived in the Bangkok apartment with her husband Remi (Grégoire Isvarine) when they learned of Alain’s true identity.

Nadine was unaware of Alain’s murderous streak, until Dominique Renelleau (Fabien Frankel), a Frenchman Alain was holding captive in his apartment was able to tell her the truth.

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Dominque revealed he had been drugged by Alain. He also admitted several young travellers had also been drugged by the Frenchman and Monique. He revealed his beliefs other travellers who had visited Kanit house had been killed by the pair.

Dominique had witnessed lifeless bodies being dragged from the apartment building, matched the passports found in Alain’s safe to deceased travellers found by the police, and noticed many items in the apartment belonged to missing travellers.

Alongside her husband Remi, they helped Dominique escape by purchasing him an aeroplane ticket and helping him re-construct his own passport.

In episode three of The Serpent, Charles and Ajay suspect Nadine may have had something to do with Dominique’s disappearance and confront her in the post office.

The last Nadine is seen before episode four begins is her getting into the car with Ajay (Amesh Edireweer), Charles and Marie-Andree, leaving viewers fearing Nadine would be Charles next victim.

Thankfully, Nadine survived the car journey, but Charles and Ajay’s suspicions of her did not cease.

Similarly, Nadine’s commitment to unmasking Charles as a serial killer did not end and she continued to go undercover for Dutch junior diplomat Herman Knippenberg (Billy Howle) to gather more evidence against him.

Nadine and Remi told Herman everything they knew and even risked their lives by going undercover and taking photographs of the items left behind by the travellers such as Teresa Knowlton’s (Alice Englert) green clock and other items that linked to the missing backpackers.

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She also took pictures of Alain, Monique and Ajay in their apartment.

After providing Herman with the evidence he needed, Alain and Monique were arrested by police, but they were eventually let go as there was a bent cop working in the ranks.

In episode five, Nadine even came face to face with Charles right-hand-man, Ajay, who threatened Nadine with her life after learning she was the one who was behind their arrest.

Anjay said: “You don’t know Alain at all do you. We saw the map that you drew, for your new Dutch friend?

“We will be watching you, Nadine.”

Viewers will be pleased to know the Nadine they see in The Serpent did not die at the hands of Charles Sobhraj.

The real Nadine Gires returned to France with her husband Remi before moving back to Thailand.

They have since separated. Today, she runs a beach resort in the south of Thailand.

Remi lives in the north of the country, where he grows tropical fruits to sell at markets.

Speaking to The Mirror, the real Nadine reflected: “Charles is a monster and I am terrified of him- I used to sleep with a baseball bat under my bed. But I have to admit that when we first met, I suspected nothing and was taken in by his charm.

She added: “When I found out what he was doing to those people I had to act, or I would not be able to live with myself.”

“It was terrible. I was waiting in a hotel lobby when they came up behind me and said, ‘Surprise!’ My heart jumped.

“They offered me a ride home and I had to get into a very small lift with them.

“I was sure Charles could hear my heart beating. He kept asking, ‘Where is Dominique and Yannick’?”

French actress Mathilde Warnier, who plays Nadine in The Serpent, revealed she was in contact with the real Nadine as she prepared for the role.

She said: “: “I talked to her over the phone before shooting and later had the chance to meet her on set.

“She is even more incredible in real life! I was intimidated by meeting her, she’s been so strong and The Serpent is the story of her life.

“I remember having my wig and Scooby-Doo style costume on, whilst she was on set and I was terribly worried about what she might think of my portrayal. I have a huge admiration for her.”

The Serpent is streaming on the BBC iPlayer now and airs every Sunday on BBC One at 9pm

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