Dying Lola kicks Jay out for cheating on her in EastEnders

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has only just married Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) in EastEnders, but it seems that their relationship may be on the rocks already, as she throws him out for cheating.

Jay has spent a lot of his time caring for wife Lola since she was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year.

Because of this, Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) and Lola encourage him to go out with his mates, while they head off to a scan.

‘Initially he doesn’t want to go’, actor Jamie Borthwick explained. ‘Lola is the one who tells him to go but he’s happy at home as he wants to be with Lola, he wants to take care of her.

‘But because Lola encourages him, he reluctantly goes and when he’s there he enjoys his time with the boys. It’s nice for him to be able to take his mind off of everything, but it subsequently doesn’t go in his favour so he’s even more annoyed at that!’

While out with Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), Jay meets Shanti, a girl on a hen night that she’s not enjoying.

‘He goes to the bar and there’s a group of girls that are on a hen-do’, Jamie explained.

‘He bumps into one of the hen party who comments that he looks miserable, and he explains that he’s married, and she admits that she is too, so Jay immediately feels comfortable talking to her as they’re both married.

‘Jay is really innocently telling her about Lola and how she isn’t well at the moment. As she’s talking to him, Jay can’t hear so he leans forward and to onlookers, it looks like they’re getting close but they’re not.’

Meanwhile, Lola and Emma have returned from the scan, and Emma heads to find Jay.

When she walks into the bar, she catches Jay and Shanti together.

‘Emma comes in, spots Jay and thinks ”Ah, I can use that”,’ Jamie said.

‘I don’t think she genuinely believes that Jay is trying to pursue other women, but she sees an opportunity to get Jay out of the picture a little bit. She is very manipulative in that way.’

When he returns home, he learns that Lola is absolutely heartbroken by his ‘betrayal’, and furiously tells him to get out.

Is this the end for Lola and Jay, or will he get the chance to explain what really happened?

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