EastEnders major health news, Corrie Roy shock and 23 more soaps spoilers

Health news is at the centre of the soaps next week, with one favourite set to be left reeling following a visit to the hospital, while another suffers a devastating heart attack.

The former is Alfie Moon, who receives big news in EastEnders after he grimaces in pain and is urged by loved rival Phil Mitchell to get checked out at the hospital.

Over in Emmerdale, Bob Hope has a heart attack after another showdown with Wendy Posner and Liam Cavanagh over their affair.

Will he be okay?

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Roy Cropper left speechless after Lauren Bolton makes him an offer, while Hollyoaks’ Pearl Anderson and Jack Osborne struggle to resist the chemistry between them as sparks fly!

For all this and more, check out Metro.co.uk’s bumper weekend guide, taking you through pretty much every occurrence in the land of soap next week.


1. Alfie finds out that it was Tommy who told Freddie about Graham Foster and thus he lashes out at his son, with a huge two erupting between the two. Things then take a shock turn, with Phil subsequently learning that a punch was exchanged, sharing with Alfie that Tommy previously lashed out at Kat. Phil notices Alfie grimacing in pain, demanding that he go to the hospital. Alfie, however, is later left struggling to process his news.

2. Caroline, a woman searching for Eve, makes contact with the former lawyer and arranges a date with her, much to Suki’s jealousy. Eve is under the impression that the newcomer is called ‘Amanda’, with the date proving awkward, as the truth about Caroline’s true identity is revealed, stopping Eve in her tracks.

3. Theo is given food for thought when an emotional Eve trashes the kitchen at No. 31 following her news, with the schemer feigning concern for Stacey and Lily’s wellbeing.

4. Suki almost faints following an awkward encounter with Eve, who recommends that she see a doctor. The shop keeper dismisses Nish and Vinny’s worries, insisting she’s fine to keep working. Vinny attempts to encourage Suki to open up about her feelings but she shuts him down, demanding he keep out of her personal life.

5. Linda debates fighting for custody of Janine and Mick’s baby. Alfie, determined to distract himself in the wake of recent events, vows to support her, agreeing to meet with the solicitor. Elaine is quick to rubbish the idea while Alfie misses the meeting, but Linda starts to notice that he’s not quite himself.

6. Bobby asks Anna to help him arrange a surprise birthday party for Bernie in an attempt to spend more time with her. Anna agrees but is unconvinced by Bobby’s Cider, Cheese and Chess night and tries to recruit Freddie. Freddie can’t face it but he is later convinced by Anna after the pair have a heart-to-heart in The Vic about Freddie’s dad.

7. Anna receives a message from her private investigator and, after a chat with Freddie, she decides to meet him once more.

Coronation Street

8. Evelyn receives a text from Tyrone, notifying her that the girls’ show day is today and they’d love it if she could attend. Cassie encourages her to do so, commenting that she’s been clean for weeks. Evelyn, however, refuses. Things take a shocking turn when Cassie vanishes, showing up at the Bistro, where Tyrone recognises her. Evelyn speeds to the bistro, arriving just in time to hear Cassie tell Tyrone that she’s his mum!

9. Stephen makes it his mission to retrieve his tie pin from Lou, who has reported the matter to the police, who’ve confirmed they’re looking into it. But after obtaining entry to her hotel room, not to mention finding the tiepin, Stephen is left stunned when he hears someone at the bedroom door. Is it time up for the killer?

10. Lauren is delighted after a good day at the cafe, relaying her success to Max, who is genuinely thrilled for her. Things, however, prove awkward when Laurel misreads the signals, leaning in for a kiss. Embarrassed, she storms off, where Roy offers her some advice and a bed for the night. But Lauren subsequently offers to sleep with Roy in a bid to show her gratitude.

11. Ryan struggles to keep a lid on his temper, punching the wardrobe in anger as the steroids clearly take effect. Later, he suffers heart palpitations while on a run and his legs ultimately give way, with Gary rushing to his aid.

12. Gemma arrives for the Newton & Ridley board meeting.  Henry does his best to put her at her ease while Philip makes his disapproval clear. Gemma calls at the Rovers and admits to Jenny and Daisy that it’s been a tough day.

13. George talks Todd through the various undertaker procedures that he’ll have to learn for his professional qualification as Eileen listens in amusement.

14. Ronnie shows Ed a property ripe for their next development project.  When Ed reckons it’s a big job that wouldn’t show any return for years, Ronnie criticises his lack of ambition.


15. Wendy makes a huge step, arriving at Tenants cottage to hand her resignation in to Liam, who proves understanding, as they accept that this chapter of their lives is at an end.

16. Bob remains upset over Wendy and Liam and when he spots the two leaving Tenants together he jumps to the wrong conclusion, lashing out and punching the doctor in the face. Things, however, take an upsetting turn as Bob suffers a heart attack. At the hospital, Liam apologises profusely to Bob, but will Bob prove forgiving? What’s more, is he being honest about everything?

17. Mary is apprehensive at the prospect of getting back on the dating scene following her ordeal at Faye’s hands, but Rhona encourages her to not let what happened put her off finding happiness. With that in mind, Mary claims she’s got a date lined up, though remains cagey when quizzed about it by her loved ones.

18. Marlon is concerned about getting back behind the wheel as he prepares to collect his specially adapted car. It’s the first time he’s drove since his stroke and he’s very worried about it. Can Rhona and Mary help?

19. Mack is surprised to learn that Chloe had planned on a christening for Reuben. Chloe worries that she won’t be able to find any godparents and thus cancels the service, but Mack reassures her that their little family is all they need, thus putting the event back on the calendar.

20. Lydia decides to take on a second job, going to the Hide for the recruitment fair, where she bumps into a mystery man from her past named Craig, who she’s not seen since the children’s home. Craig is delighted, but Lydia is left shaken.


21.It’s the grand reopening of The Dog and Tony is down in the dumps when no one turns up. Little does he know, however, that his close ones have worked together to surprise him, with many of his nearest and dearest turning out for the event, resulting in a full house! Emotional, Tony makes a heartfelt speech to the partygoers.

22. Dilly suspects that Sienna is not to be trusted and she ultimately gets what she needs to prove such a thing after eavesdropping on a conversation. The aftermath of these scenes see Sienna and Ethan lock horns, as the former heads over to speak to Rafe, hoping he’s okay. Afterwards, Sienna returns home to tell Ethan that she’s told Rafe ‘everything’.

23. Sparks fly at the relaunch, with Pearl and Jack discussing their evident chemistry, before sharing a kiss.

24. Goldie is left smitten with newcomer Carter, inviting him back to the McQueens for a barbecue. Carter hits it off with John Paul, with subsequent scenes confirming that he’s actually Freya’s dad.

25. Leela reiterates that she’s got no intention of giving up on Donna-Marie, who isn’t sure if she can get better, as the grief of losing her daughter continues to overwhelm her. Trying tough love, Leela gives Donna-Marie some home truths but when that plan fails, she instead orders her friend to leave the village!

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