EastEnders spoilers: Bernie Taylor agrees to be a surrogate for Rainie and Stuart Highway

BERNIE Taylor tells Rainie and Stuart Highway she wants to be their surrogate next week in EastEnders. 

Bernie – who is played by Clair Norris in the BBC One soap – will be horrified this week when Karen suggests being their surrogate after a terrifying visit from bailiffs – and decides to do it instead.

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Next week, Bernie tells Rainie and Stuart she wants to be their surrogate and viewers will see the couple weigh up the pros and cons of the situation.

When Mitch and Karen are struggle to pay the bills back at home, tensions continue to escalate. 

In emotional scenes, Bailey realises there are money issues when Karen gives the last meal to Bernie and does without.

Will Bernie go ahead with the huge decision to save her family?

Talking about why her character considers being Stuart and Rainie’s surrogate, Bernie actress Clair revealed: “She finds out that Rainie and Stuart are still looking for a surrogate and decides that this will be the best way to get a lot of money that could change the Taylor’s lifestyle and living conditions, that’s why she goes to them and wants to be their surrogate."

Speaking about the family’s money problems, she added: “She is definitely feeling the stress more than ever. Karen tries to keep it away from the kids as much as possible until it becomes very obvious. Bernie wonders ‘how can we be in this situation again?’ although she realises that this is the way that life goes sometimes. 

“Bernie is upset and disappointed that they are back in this situation, she knows that they need to work it out and this is when things start clicking in her head and she tries to see where she can help.

"Bernie feels like because she is oldest out of the siblings in the house, she needs to take action.”

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