Emmerdale Chas in affair heartache, Leyla exposed and Nicola attack aftermath

It looks like there will be a few bumps in the road in Emmerdale next week, as some characters will be faced with tough decisions.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Chas and Cain Dingle will struggle to come to terms with their mother Faith's cancer diagnosis.

But to make matters worse, Faith is no longer prepared to go through any more chemotherapy.

With all the stress that is taking place around her, Chas ends up in the arms of Al Chapman, who is more than happy to be a shoulder for her to cry on.

Elsewhere, Leyla Cavanagh's addiction is spiralling out of control which leaves Suzy Merton annoyed.

Suzy declares the end to their friendship when Leyla goes too far, but will Leyla's husband Liam finally catch wind of what's been going on?

Nicola King is also finding it hard to overcome the painful ordeal from her attack.

Chas affair heartache

After hearing that her mother's cancer has returned, Chas struggles to cope with the severity of her mother's illness.

But Chas' heart breaks in further when Faith reveals that she doesn’t want to carry on with her chemotherapy.

Feeling upset, Chas confronts a stoic Cain with the news that Faith wants to stop her chemo. Knowing Cain is the only one their mum will listen to, she implores him to reach out.

Later on, Cain lashes out at his pal Liam after learning he also knew about Faith’s cancer and in a fit of rage throws him to the ground. Cain retreats.

Faith is swayed by Chas into resuming her chemo but is also heavily in denial, Chas isn’t aware that this isn’t the decision Faith wanted to initially make.

Meanwhile, Sarah also begins to struggle with the thought that her grandma Faith won't be around for her and Faith's illness also sparks sorrow for Sarah as she deals with the thought of her own health issues.

Things begin to heat up with the Dingle brother and sister as Cain and Chas clash over their mother's decision to continue with her chemo.

Chas is left feeling guilty when Cain calls her out for making Faith’s decision for her. Later, concerned Chas asks Faith if she’s happy with her decision that she made.

Putting up a front, Faith stays strong but her mask slips after she Chas leaves, knowing she’s made the choice only for her daughter.

Faith tries her best to make light of her cancer and focus on the positives, troubling a fretting Chas. But Chas is still clearly unable to cope with the reality.

With all the commotion going on, Chas' husband Paddy feels useless, unable to truly help his wife.

Elsewhere, out on Main Street, Chas apologies to a downbeat Al. The two begin to open up to each other about their respective families causing a sympathetic Al to comfort Chas who is clearly distressed.

Al reasons with a contemplative Chas, suggesting that she should be more honest with Faith so they can both face the reality of her death.

Later on, back at the Woolie, Chas apologises for pushing Faith towards having more chemo.

But as they discuss the matter further, Faith’s tough exterior crumbles and the two of them embrace, finally having cleared the air.

Though things appeared to have calm down, Chas is later seen taking out her frustrations over Paddy bringing home hospice flyers on Al after he suggests she’s taken it the wrong way.

Chas begins to soften when Al states he could be her friend if she lets him. Chas thanks him for helping her through a tough time but tries to keep hold of her tough exterior.

Chas soon attempts to get Al to open up and the two begin to relax in each other's company, even sharing an intense moment.

When Chas says she wants to try and forget everything that’s happening, Al and Chas bond over a bottle of wine and use their time by discussing stories of Faith.

But as Chas prepares to leave, she stumbles onto Al and the two share a passionate kiss.

Will this be the start of an ongoing affair?

Leyla exposed

Leyla is left in absolute shock when Jai Sharma's old dealer finds her at Take A Vow.

Seeing him there, Leyla falls into temptation when he offers her a deal on some cocaine. Guilty but excited Leyla hides two bags of coke from an oblivious Suzy.

While at the Hide, coked up Leyla offers to pay for everyone’s food as suspicious Suzy watches on, aware that Leyla is acting unusual and out of character.

Once again, Suzy chastises Leyla for her drug use which is getting out of hand.

Feeling judged by Suzy, Leyla defends her acts, triumphant that she’s getting away with it somehow.

A while later, Leyla has her lost card returned to her by a concerned Jai.

Seeing Jai return her belongings, Leyla’s dealer senses an opportunity to get Jai back in his books, blackmailing Leyla into being involved.

Leyla’s dealer then provides her with an ultimatum; persuade Jai back into the fold or he’ll cut her off from any future supply of cocaine.

But Leyla doesn’t have time to decide on what she will do before Liam arrives.

Later, Suzy recognises the dealer from the day before and orders him to leave Take A Vow immediately, leaving an agitated Leyla without a source of coke.

Frustrated by her actions, Leyla slams Suzy for getting rid of her only coke supply.

But Suzy is horrified when Leyla brings up the death of Holly Barton after she refuses to give Leyla the details of her own dealer that she previously used, and the idea of blackmail quickly enters an opportunistic Leyla’s mind.

Now that she has been threatened with the idea of Moira finding out about Holly, Suzy is left fuming.

Feeling the pressure, Suzy begrudgingly hands over her dealer’s number and vows that the two of them are done for good.

Although there is a flicker of regret from Leyla, she still goes ahead and calls the number.

Later on in the week, Liam begins to question Leyla’s recent mood swings and comes to a conclusion.

Nicola struggles

Following the brutal attack which took place earlier in the week, Nicola is still struggling to come to terms with what happened.

Now that her family and friends are aware that a group of teenage girls assaulted her, they are still trying to discover who the perpetrators could be.

But due to the fact that the video of her attack has circulated online, Nicola begins to struggle with adjusting back to her normal everyday life.

Will she be able to get the answers she needs in order to put her mind at rest?

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