Emmerdale fans convinced Vinny will be murdered as killer Meena strikes again

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Vinny Dingle was in great danger during the latest episode of Emmerdale after Meena Jutla struck him violently which caused him to drop to his knees.

After having an unusual conversation with the serial killer on Friday night, Vinny was convinced that he knew something wasn't right with the murdering nurse.

Trying to take matters into his own hands, Vinny decided to hunt Meena down.

But as he snuck into an unfamiliar barn and found Manpreet Sharma lying on hay, Vinny was knocked out by Meena who attacked him with a piece of wood.

Seeing the disturbing scenes unfold, fans feared the worst for Vinny as some presumed that he will be Meena's next killing.

Taking to Twitter, one spectator commented: "If they kill Vinny and Liv has no-one left. Looking forward to next week and this story hopefully coming to a head."

While another chimed: "OHH MANPREET IS STILL ALIVE??? AND NOW MEENA'S GOT VINNY??? If Vinny dies i will riot he's just trying his best."

A third said: "Protect Manpreet and Vinny please."

But others seemed frustrated that Vinny didn't have a better plan when he did decide to confront Meena.

In earlier scenes, when Vinny attempted to follow Meena's vehicle he was hardly inconspicuous while driving the large Dingle van.

He also made it very obvious and too easy for Meena when he entered the barn.

Taking to Twitter, one frustrated fan penned: "The psycho’s no dumb dumb & that van was an easy win! You were never gonna rumble her Vinny, poor lad. She’s done it again FGS!"

Another chimed: "Seriously, how stupid was Vinny thinking Merna wouldn't notice him following her in that massive bloody multi-colour van???"

A third penned: "Vinny followed to close to Meena. He suspects her as a murderer yet walks into the barn shouting Meena. So comical #Emmerdale. Bit of advice keep well back when following cars. I have had plenty of experience. Needs to be done by several cars all in contact with each other."

"Vinny is definitely an ideal candidate [email protected] police. He's as idiotic as them," a fourth added.

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