Emmerdale fans react as Rishi Sharma’s cause of death revealed after tragic death

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Emmerdale has left some fan scratching their heads after Rishi Sharma's cause of death has been revealed.

While many thought the popular character had died of a heart attack, it turns out that was not the case and the tragic ending was a lot more mundane.

Rishi – played by actor Bhasker Patel – had been on the show for over a decade but has been written out of the show with ITV bosses telling the actor they were plotting a big storyline.

The wealthy businessman has been a much loved character in the soap for 12 years but was found dead by his son Jai at the bottom of his stairs at home following a mysterious incident.

While this situation led speculation to arise that he had suffered a heart attack which forced him to fall down the stairs, it turns out it was just an accidental fall which led to his demise, according to the coroners report.

In the most recent episode of the ITV soap set in the Dales, Jai received a call telling him the news of how his dad died.

Jai said: "Dad’s body has been released.

"The coroner has confirmed the cause of death as an accidental fall. And now I can concentrate on giving him the best send off that I can.

"There’s so much to arrange. The funeral’s going to be next Wednesday now."

However, Rishi's cause of death has not pleased a lot of fans as many feel it was not a fitting end for a character who had been in the show for so long.

One person took to social media to say: "Accidental fall not a mark on him."

While another stated: "Still can’t believe they’ve killed Rishi off."

A third penned: "So Rishi had a fall and didn't have a heart attack like I initially thought."

The actor has opened up in recent days about his feelings of being written out of the soap as he claims this part of his life is over and he is going to move on.

On Lorraine with stand in presenter Christine Lampard, Bhasker revealed that the bosses forced his hand in leaving.

He said: "When the producer rang me and said, I need to talk to you and we're killing you off because we want a big story and it's going to be a big surprise.

"Because my 12 years at ITV, they let me do a lot of other work, so I felt a part of ITV, a part of Rishi, but at the same time… I was working in London as well.

"So when the producer said, we're going to kill you off, I was like, Okay, that part of my life with this guy is over and I'm going to move on.''

The actor had to wipe away tears after the host read out touching tributes from fans.

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