Emmerdale fans worry for vicar Harriet Finch as she disappears after being replaced by Charles

EMMERDALE fans are worried about the welfare of Harriet Finch after her unexpected disappearance from The Dales.

The vicar – played by actress Katherine Dow Blyton in the ITV soap – was last seen talking to Charles Anderson in the Woolpack back in May.

As viewers will know Harriet was suffering from paranoia after she helped Dawn Taylor bury DI Mark Malone in a dead man's grave in the village church.

The former copper was left uneasy when she found out that the daughter of the deceased wanted to move his body back home, so Dawn's dad Will had to dig him back up and rebury him on Home Farm.

This all proved too much for Harriet and she asked Will to lock her up in the basement so she could become closer to God again and repent her sins.

The groundskeeper was reluctant but eventually agreed, so they made up a lie that she had gone away for a religious retreat to cover her absence.

After being locked up for weeks Dawn went down to the basement and found her hiding, so she decided to come back up to normality.

But since then Harriet's whereabouts has been a mystery.

Fans of the hit show have taken to a Digital Spy forum to discuss their concerns under the title "Where is Harriet?"

One viewer asked: "Where is Harriet? Is she still in the cellar? Honestly I can’t remember what happened to her."

Another replied: "She definitely came out of the cellar but I don't remember where she went after that. I can't even remember who she was living with."

A third said: "I don't think it's been mentioned where she is (so I'm assuming she's just meant to be vicaring in the village and its surroundings, unseen) but have a feeling she's staying with Dan and Amelia."

However a fourth pointed out that Harriet's religious role has been taken over by someone else.

Another wrote: "But Charles is the resident vicar in the village now. I’m not sure what Harriet’s role in the village is anymore."

Some fans pointed out that it could be because of current Covid-19 guidelines put in place on set and with the stars of the show to stop the spread of the deadly bug.

One said: "Aren't they still rotating the cast?"

A second replied: "It's possible but she's only been on-screen 3 times since the end of March (last time = 12th May) and I seem to remember those appearances were fairly short.

Another simply said that actress Katherine could just be on a break.

Most recently fans of the show were convinced Harriet was the mysterious figure poisoning Kim Tate.

But last week it was revealed that her son Jamie was the culprit.

The villain got her own back by pretending to poision him back and then cucked him out of Home Farm.

So what has happened to Harriet?

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