Emmerdale star wrote letter to children explaining health condition

Mark Jordon and Laura Norton open up about letters they've written to children

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In February this year, Emmerdale actors Laura Norton and Mark Jordon revealed both of their children have Usher Syndrome. On Monday’s instalment of Loose Women, the two soap stars revealed how they wrote a letter to explain the condition to their kids which impacts both vision and hearing.

Although, after more tests, it was discovered their child had moderate hearing loss which was permanent and he’d need hearing aids.

The couple are both on a mission to raise awareness of the condition and have decided to write a letter for their children to one day read explaining everything.

Brenda Edwards said: “It’s quite nice how you’re writing a letter to both of them so they can read it to know what you’ve done, as in raising awareness and speaking about them because they don’t yet have that voice

“How do you deal with people that are saying, ‘why are you talking about this and your children who don’t have the right yet to say anything for themselves?’”

Mark told the panel there are people in the Usher community who have taken time out to talk to them and told them they could assist in raising awareness with their profile.

Mark said: “We just thought, if we push our kids to the front, it’s not the right parental thing to do, it feels awful.”

Laura added: “Also, they’re so small, our battle was how do you tell the world before you tell them?

“We don’t even know how we’re going to tell them.”

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Agreeing, Mark added they didn’t know what age the kids would be when they told them or how they would approach it.

He continued: “But, we managed to find a way of flipping it on its head and we realised if we write a letter explaining why we did what we did then hopefully when they look back-

“As time has gone on and we have been part of the community of Usher, we realised that it’s good that we’re doing this, it feels so right.

“It feels that we do need to make a big push for awareness, we need to help get more funding and more research.”

Mark added their older child told them they were doing the right thing and the younger ones will thank them in the future.

As the Loose Women ladies agreed, Ruth said: “They’ll be able to see what you’ve done.”

Laura added: “We just want to put it out there, we want to get as many people learning about it, aware of it, get a bit of funding and make a difference, not just for our family.”

Loose Women continues weekdays on ITV from 12:30pm

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