Emmerdale’s Jimmy King star opens up on ‘horribly difficult’ kiss with co-star

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Regular Emmerdale viewers will know Jimmy King (played by Nick Miles) and Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) have been struggling with their marriage recently. This comes after Jimmy confessed to ­kissing Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley). In a recent interview ITV soap star Nick has opened up on his experience portraying the storyline, confessing to a “difficult” on-screen kiss.

Last month on Emmerdale, Jimmy was undergoing a trial for the recent truck crash in the village, which caused the wedding barn explosion and death of Mandy’s ex Paul Ashdale.

During the week of the trial, Mandy approached Jimmy ahead of his appearance in court and gave him advice on how to stay calm.

She revealed to Jimmy she planned to testify in his favour and read the impassioned speech out to him.

Overcome with guilt and gratitude, Jimmy suddenly swooped in for a kiss.

Jimmy actor Nick opened up about the moment with Mandy, which shocked soap fans.

Speaking about the clumsy kiss, Nick says: “I love Jimmy but he’s a bit of an idiot and he’s very accident prone.

“People were equally either ­horrified or exultant in that moment,” he remarked.

However, the actor noted the scandalous kiss was quite a tricky scene to film for the ITV soap.

Nick revealed the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made intimate scenes particularly challenging.

He said: “It was horribly difficult to achieve because of the whole two metres distance thing.

“So we had to use some special effect because we weren’t ­anywhere near each other.

“It is the strangest on screen kiss that either of us has ever attempted. I’m glad it didn’t go disastrously because I think it could have done,” he remarked.

Nick explained up until this point he’d not worked much with Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy on the show, but praised his co-star for her work.

He revealed: “We have to sort of build that trust very quickly, but she’s just such a lovely person.

“You’re just constantly laughing when you’re with Lisa. She’s very funny and very good.

“When somebody is as good as she is it’s a joy. She’s a force of nature,” he added to The Mirror.

Jimmy is renowned for having had a very ­complicated love life in the past.

Over the years he has been to bed with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), married to femme fatale Sadie (Patsy Kensit) and embroiled with trouble-making Kelly Windsor (Adele Silva).

Now that he’s finally settling down with wife Nicola, many soap fans are hoping this relationship will last.

Unfortunately things aren’t looking too good as Jimmy is set to fight for custody of his son Carl again.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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