Emmerdale's 'shaken' Nicola forced to hatch plan with Carl | The Sun

NICOLA KING concocts a strange plan to help her cope with her attack and accident, feigning step son Carl's illness for attention.

Things could be seriously unravelling for Nicola after she was brutally attacked in the street by a group of girls.

She denied knowing who attacked her, and then in a strange twist of fate she accidentally crashes into David Metcalfe's van.

Nicola is clearly not in her right mind, as she makes out her step son is feeling really ill and can't go to school.

It seems seven year old Carl Holliday has become a safety net for Nicola, as she desperately needs company amid her debilitating panic attacks.

The little boy starts to become confused as to why they are lying about his illness, and runs out the house when her back is turned, stealing her phone.

What will the frightened youngster do with her phone? Will he call his mother and leave the Dales?

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Hollyoaks: Wendy's grisly end

    Wendy Blisset was involved in an "accident".

    Her ultimate demise came after she failed evil killer Silas.

    She didn't manage to kidnap Bobby Costello, as Mercedes came just in time to rescue him.

    Following an argument with Mercedes, Wendy was pulled away by a suspicious looking man.

    Later, Mercedes receives a visit from a police man who delivers the tragic news.

    With the death being treated as suspicious, could Mercedes be a suspect?

  • Lauren Lomas

    Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna's link to The Undertaker

    After finding a accidental recording of Warren admitting to killing Brody, Sienna is yet to find out more shocking news.

    Sienna and Damon Kinsella side with Norma, The Undertaker.

    However things don't go to plan when Norma hires Warren…

  • Lauren Lomas

    Corrie: Carla gives Peter a serious warning

    Peter has discovered there isn't enough evidence to take his surgeon Mr Thorne to court, after he rushed Peter's liver transplant.

    Carla encourages her husband to leave things alone, but he won't give up.

    Peter tries to record Mr Thorne admitting his malpractice but this doesn't work.

    Mr Thorne offers Peter a huge sum of money, to keep him quiet.

  • Lauren Lomas

    EastEnders: Zack's cheating on Nancy revealed

    Zack shared a passionate night with Sam Mitchell, but it is clear he regrets the one night stand.

    Nancy found out when she saw a photo of Sam wearing his jumper, while Zack was topless in the background.

    He starts begging her to forgive him, but Nancy is sure he will do it again.

    Will she take him back?

  • Lauren Lomas

    Coronation Street: Councillor Maria targeted by trolls as she feels paranoid

    After cruel videos and trolling circulates online, Maria Connor decides to turn to the police.

    She then starts to receive threats, and is left feeling scared.

    Maria may have to pull out of local council after feeling like her family could be at risk.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Hollyoaks: Misbah nervous as she prepares for trial

    However, she finds out that Ali's lawyer is difficult.

    Verity then gives her some troubling news, but what could it be?

    Misbah is going against Ali after he shockingly raped her while at medical school.

    Bravely she stands up to Ali and hopes to put him behind bars for good.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Emmerdale: Sex scandal as Chas and Al can't keep their hands off one another

    The two share a kiss in the woods, away from prying eyes.

    She even suggested they get a hotel together for a night of debauchery.

    But when her mother Faith Dingle collapses, she realises she shouldn't be mucking about with Al Chapman and ends things…

    For good?

  • Lauren Lomas

    EastEnders: Rainie to make an extremely difficult decision

    After her husband Stuart Highway struggled to to bond with their baby Ronald, Rainie has been issued an ultimatum.

    Bernie has told her that she can keep Ronald, but only if she leaves Stuart.

    Stuart instead decides he should be the one to go.

    In the end Rainie makes the decision it is best if she leaves Albert Square altogether, but can heartbroken Stuart convince her to stay?

  • Lauren Lomas

    EastEnders: Gun men storm Peggy's bar grand opening night and cause BIG trouble

    Things don't go the way Sam Mitchell planned, with her launch night falling apart.

    As Sam, Sharon, Kat and Shirley prepare for their big night, as two dodgy gun men come storming in the bar waving guns.

    Shirley hides in the office, while the other women are in close range.

    Sam doesn't take it lying down and refuses to let them get what they want, but as things take a turn for the worse, someone winds up getting shot!

  • Lauren Lomas

    Toyah and Spider to reunite on Coronation Street

    The two old flames have a shock reunion at a waste incineration protest, that helps take her mind off things following husband Imran's death.

    In support of Toyah, her friends decide to join.

    Mary, Nina, Brian, Asha and Leanne come along with Toyah.

    Much to Toyah's surprise she bumps into Spider Nugent.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Emmerdale spoilers: Chas tells Faith to continue with chemo

    Faith Dingle told her daughter she didn't want to continue with her cancer treatment.

    But Chas wasn't putting up with it, and told Faith to give it one more round of Chemotherapy.

    Faith had said that the medicine made her so ill she "didn't give a stuff whether she lives or dies," as it was just prolonging her suffering.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Coronation Street: Spider returns and makes ally with Nina

    Spider Nugent is returning to the Cobbles, and will find common interests with Nina Lucas.

    He is a keen environmentalist, which will certain spark an interest for Nina.

    The returning character may also reunite with old flame Toyah, now that her husband Imran Habeeb is out the picture for good after dying of a heart attack.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Hollyoaks: Walls are closing in on Warren

    Sienna Blake finally finds out who was to blame for Brody Hudson's death.

    Warren shockingly killed Brody last year, after Brody threatened to go to the police about Warren's involvement in Cormac Ranger's demise.

    Sienna's daughter's teddy bear had a recording device inside, that had accidentally captured the sound of Warren admitting to running Brody over.

    She was disturbed to find out he had killed the love of her life, manipulated her and then took Brody's place as her new boyfriend.

    What will Sienna do now?

  • Lauren Lomas

    EastEnders: Romance blossoms for Kim and Howie

    After Kim helps Howie perform as a Grime act for Lily's birthday, he makes his feelings clear.

    When things go awry during Lily Slater's birthday party, Kim Fox saves the day.

    Howie Danes gives her a kiss to say thank you, and Kim is left feeling scared of a new romance after being hurt by Vincent.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Coronation Street spoiler: Todd's revenge

    Todd Grimshaw is going to give horrid bully Frank a lesson for his mean treatment of George Shuttleworth.

    Frank was George's school bully, and seemingly forgot how bad he made poor George feel.

    He starts calling him "Georgie Porgie" which made things awkward.

    After Todd hears of the horrific taunting, he decides to slosh a drink down Frank's top.

    How will Frank react?

  • Joseph Gamp

    Max Bowden leaves pregnant ex ‘heartbroken’ after starting relationship with co-star

    EastEnders star Max Bowden has left his pregnant ex feeling “heartbroken” after embarking on a relationship with co-star Shona McGarty.

    Stunning Roisin Buckle, who is expecting a baby boy with the actor, was “devastated” when she found out he had started a relationship with his co-star and told a friend: “I feel humiliated and disrespected.”

    Yesterday, Roisin, 36, took to social media and proudly shared pictures of her baby bump, but admitted it has been a “tough few weeks”.

    We revealed in May that Max, 27, and Shona, who plays Whitney Dean, had become “inseparable” and he was pictured slipping out of her home after spending the night.

    Weeks later we pictured them holding hands together outside a kebab van and at last Saturday’s British Soap Awards Shona, 30, joked: “Who doesn’t love a kebab?”

    Last night a source told us that insurance executive Roisin, who is due to give birth in August, feels let down by the actor, who has played Ben Mitchell for three years.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Inside Luke Jerdy and Daisy Wood-Davis incredible wedding

    The two Hollyoaks stars jetted to Vejer de la Frontera as they prepare for a beautiful ceremony.

    The couple, who got engaged in 2019 during a holiday in Greece, have been joined by soap favourites including former Hollyoaks star Amy Conachan, Jude Monk McGowan, Kimberly Hart Simpson and Jessica Ellis.

    Former co-star Amy, who played Courtney Campbell in the Channel 4 soap, wrote: “Luke Jerdy getting us ready for his big speech tomorrow.

    “My two dear friends get married in a matter of hours.”

  • Joseph Gamp

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    SPOILER – EastEnders: Things get steamy for Eve and Suki this week

    Suki’s ex-husband is due to be released from prison.

    Eve has been a comfort for Suki who’s confided in Eve about her ex-husband’s impending release from prison.

    He was convicted of murder.

    As the two women get closer, sparks begin flying.

    Charity has suspicions about Chas and Al on Emmerdale

    This week will see Chas and Al go from being enemies with tension, to an affair.

    Unable to contain themselves, the two end up sharing another passionate kiss, with Chas even suggesting they book a hotel room.

    But when Faith collapses after chemotherapy, Chas feels guilty and begins overcompensating.

    Unfortunately, neither can deny their feelings and each begin to feel jealous of the other’s relationship which results in an argument.

    Little do they know, Charity is watching them – will she figure out what’s going on between them?

    • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

      Max’s blackmailer outs him on Corrie this week

      After being tricked into sending photos of himself to a stranger, Max is feeling the effects.

      Sonya told Max it wasn’t her who sent him messages asking for him to send revealing photos.

      He then received messages saying he has to pay £1,000 otherwise the photos will be shared with the public.

      This week will see Max talk to David about it, but when David says they won’t pay the blackmailer and Max should just go to school and front it out, Max is left feeling embarrassed.

    • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

      Corrie’s Jennie McAlpine stuns fans in wedding outfit

      Ahead of her character’s wedding, the actress was snapped looking beautiful.

      Coronation Street‘s Fiz Stape is set to marry author, Phill Whitaker.

      Phill admitted he was around to find out her story and write a book about her ex-husband’s crimes.

      The wedding looks like it’s still on, but who knows what will happen, particularly considering Tyrone still appears to have feelings for Fiz.

    • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

      What’s next for Nancy and Zack in EastEnders?

      After drowning his sorrows, a drunk Zack headed home with Sam.

      His one-night-stand with Sam was supposed to be a secret after he chickened out of coming clean to Nancy.

      This week, it’s all coming out and Zack plans an elaborate apology.

      Will Nancy forgive him?

    • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

      Peter is offered a bribe by Mr Thorne next week on Coronation Street

      Mr Thorne continues to cause a stir next week.

      Peter found out that Mr Thorne rushed through his surgery a few months ago.

      Since he found out about it, he’s struggled to let it go and has a case against Mr Thorne who will attempt to use his wealth to get what he wants.

      He will blackmail Peter with £100,000 to drop the case.

      It could do a lot for Peter’s family, but which way will he go? Tune in to find out what Peter chooses.

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