Harry has ‘the courage to be himself’ as ‘dull’ royals blasted

Harry praised for having ‘the courage to be himself’

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Jeremy Vine was joined by The Black Farmer, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, and broadcaster Jemma Forte on Channel 5 on Friday as the panel discussed the royals uniting after Prince Harry dropped several bombshells in his autobiography Spare. Wilfred praised the Duke of Sussex for being “authentic”.

Sharing his thoughts on the tell-all memoir, Wilfred said: “He had the courage to be his authentic self and that is one of the things as individuals we’re all striving for.

“And you always know when you’re being your authentic self because they’ll be masses of criticism directed towards you.

“His life is not there to make us all feel happy, it’s for himself.

“They need to try and work out what is their new persona.”

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“The way it used to be in the past just cannot exist,” he continued.

“Bring back Harry, bring back Meghan,” Jeremy pleaded while Wilfred added: “All of this waving is just not going to work.”

Jeremy asked his panellists if they “felt for William” because he “can’t speak out”.

“The old way was not to [speak out]. Just because it was done that way in the past does not mean it has to be [that way now],” Wilfred continued.

“He’s not a politician he can’t start giving press conferences about his brother I just think in the end he’s got to get up and he’s gone to a mental health charity and one of the things they’ve said is, ’Talking theories doesn’t work for everyone,’” Jeremy said.

While watching a clip of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Wilfried said: “Look I’m watching this, it’s dull.”

“It’s despair,” the host agreed. “Now, if this is your charity this is the best day of your year.”

In Harry’s most recent interview promoting his autobiography, he mocked a royal tradition in a sketch for The Late Show.

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The comedy skit saw him being heralded at the CBS studios by two trumpet players wearing regal uniforms.

Harry walked around the corner and onto a red carpet before telling host Stephen Colbert: “Woah, woah, woah, stop stop. Stephen, not needed, but thank you, I appreciate it.”

“What are you talking about?” Stephen replied. “This isn’t for you! Get out of the way, he’s coming.”

Tom Hanks then arrived exclaiming: “I’m back. Where’s my fanfare?”

During the interview, Harry explained why he felt it was important he released his memoir.

“This is the other side of the story, after 38 years,” he said. “They told their side of the story.

“This is the other side of the story. There’s a lot in here that perhaps makes people feel uncomfortable and scared.”

Jeremy Vine airs on Channel 5 on weekdays at 9.30pm.

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