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THE Apprentice's Tim Campbell has called on the BBC to make two BIG changes to the show.

Tim, 45, won the first ever series of The Apprentice in 2005 before returning to the programme earlier this year as one of Lord Sugar's advisors.

Tim loved returning to the programme that changed his life, but he admits there are two things he would love bosses to consider including going forward.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Tim said: "I'd love to see the young version of The Apprentice again in some shape, or form, because that was amazing.

"When it came out a long time ago. I felt the brilliance of young people was so beautifully portrayed, and the BBC and the team behind it at Fremantle did so well with protecting them and getting on the platform.

"So I'd love to see that may be reintroduced in some way, shape or form."

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Young Apprentice originally aired from 2010 to 2012 across three series and saw a group of young people compete against each other in a series of business related challenges to win a £25,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

As well as the spin-off returning, Tim also wanted to see Lord Sugar share his business insight into what the candidates should have done after each task.

He said: "What I've always loved is actually you don't really get an insight into how brilliant Lord Sugar is.

"And I'm not being sycophantic. I don't have to be I'm not the payroll, I can say what I want.

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"But as a businessman, a British businessman, his insight into what he thinks those contestants should have done after each show would be wonderful to actually see because he is a man well into his age now who's still being successful in business, right?

"So to get his insight into what they could have done a bit more of that on the after show, I think would be really interesting for learning materials for people going into business but I'm ever an optimist and I'm greedy."

Advice for the next generation – whether it's in business or other industries – is a matter that is close to Tim's heart, and is why he's a T-Level Champion.

Following GCSE results day, Tim is also on hand as part of 'The T-Team' – a group that is on a mission to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of T-levels; a new qualification designed with employers that combines both work and classroom study, and is equivalent to three A-levels.

He said: "I think what the beauty of T-levels does for me is that it combines an individual choice around a passion that you might have or an inkling towards an industry sector.

"So that can be something as probably more traditional like accounting, or now more nouveau like digital skills with some of the more traditional or perceived as vocational ends like healthcare, or construction.

"I think that's a really important platform to give a young person, where they can be slightly more relaxed about where their next choice is going to lead them."

Parents can hear more about the T-team’s experiences, find more information and access free resources by visiting the T-level info website here

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