‘Internalise everything!’ Ant and Dec share aspect of Limitless Win they struggle with

Ant and Dec introduce new gameshow 'Limitless Win'

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Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win premiered on ITV last weekend and the quiz is the presenting duo’s first new show in over a decade. The series sees hosts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly guide contestants through a series of numerical themed questions. Players have the opportunity to win life-changing sums of money on the show by climbing a limitless prize fund ladder. However, Ant and Dec have revealed it’s not just the contestants taking on a challenge on the show, as they admit there’s one aspect of the quiz they struggle with.

Ant and Dec praised the new show in an interview with Express.co.uk and other press.

Chatting about the intensity of Limitless Win, Dec predicted the quiz will leave many “shouting at the telly”.

The presenting duo confessed they often struggle to keep their cool on the show as they don’t know the answers.

“We’re playing along with the contestants as well,” Dec explained. “It’s a real roller coaster.”

Ant said: “Normally, hosts of quiz shows traditionally are quite cool and quite calm.”

“We’re not cool!” Dec admitted.

“That is the last thing we are. We wear our expressions and we wear our emotions on our face,” Ant added.

The duo detailed how they’ve had to get used to being quiz hosts instead of being viewers at home.

Ant explained: “We have to learn to put on the mute button to ourselves because we love quizzes on telly.

“I am that bloke that shouts out the answers in a very confident manner thinking it’s right and then they’re normally wrong.

“So we have to keep quiet, but you do sit there and internalise everything and you’re going ‘Oh my god, what are they doing?’”

Dec confessed it can be frustrating when they notice contestants have misunderstood a question.

He said: “There were a few questions as well where they got off on the wrong track, not that we know the answer, but you kind of have a good idea that they’re on the wrong track with this.

“So our kind of way of dealing with that is, and you might see this on the show, we always go ‘Guys, just read the question again!’

“We’re not allowed to help really because you know there’s money involved and all that.

“So the producers are in our ears going, ‘You can’t guide them and you can’t do that.’

“So if we ever a go, ‘Guys, just read the question again,’ that means we think you’re on the wrong track.

“But, that’s about as helpful as we can get. Just make them read the question again,” Dec explained.

Reiterating how intense the game can become, he added: “It’s really fun, really exciting, but really dramatic as well.”

Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win airs Saturdays at 8.30pm on ITV.

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