Jason Momoa Became Very Environmentally Conscious After 'Aquaman'

Jason Momoa became widely recognized after playing Khal Drogo in HBO’s masterpiece, Game of Thrones. The actor delivered an unforgettable performance as the leader of the Dothraki, and many fans wished he’d been around far longer. 

Seven years after his time in Game of Thrones, Momoa really grabbed the spotlight. He became the King of Atlantis in the first film about DC superhero Aquaman. The film made Momoa instantly recognizable around the globe, and he’s been in the spotlight ever since. Not only is he a phenomenal actor, but he is also striving to save the environment.

Jason Momoa: Protector of the deep

In 2018, DC fans flocked to theaters to see Aquaman brought to life. Momoa gave audiences new respect for the underwater superhero who had usually been seen as rather goofy. Momoa’s incredible stature combined with excellent costuming escalated Aquaman to awesome new heights. 

Aquaman explored the character’s origins, beginning with his mother’s escape from an arranged marriage in the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. She fell in love with a human and gave birth to a son, Arthur Curry. Sadly, Arthur’s mother had to leave them when Atlantean soldiers came to force her back to the kingdom. The young boy was trained by her most trusted advisor, though, and grew to become a powerfully skilled fighter. 

Arthur turned his back on his connections to the ocean world when he learned that his mother was executed upon her arrival home. Arthur’s half-brother became the ruler of Atlantis and tried to convince the other undersea kingdoms to unite in a war against the surface world. The rest of the film followed Arthur on his journey to retrieve the trident of Atlan, which would help him reclaim the throne. 

Playing Aquaman gave Momoa a new perspective on the environment

In a recent interview with GQ, Momoa revealed how playing Aquaman has made him so much more environmentally-conscious. “Now that I’ve become Aquaman, there’s just so many things I want to do to try to save the Earth.”

One of Momoa’s goals is to make as many things plastic-free as possible. He founded the company Mananalu–water in aluminum cans that can be recycled. According to the Mananalu website, only 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled. 18 billion pounds of plastic end up in the ocean each year. At this rate, by the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. 

On the flip side of that, aluminum cans are back on the shelves within 60 days of being recycled. 75% of all aluminum is still used today. If people begin to switch over from plastic, the positive effects on the ocean could be profound. 

What is Momoa working on now?

Momoa certainly knows how to keep busy. He has several projects underway, and fans can find him in a few original series and films on the biggest streaming platforms. The Apple TV+ series, See, is now in its second season. The dystopian sci-fi show explores a world in which most of the human race can no longer see. Momoa stars as Baba Voss, the head of a mountain tribe and the caretaker of a special set of twins who have not lost their sense of sight. 

According to Den of Geek, Apple TV+ isn’t the only place to find Momoa on your TV–he’s also starring in the film Sweet Girl, on Netflix. Sweet Girl is an emotional story about revenge, packed with some pretty thrilling action sequences. Momoa stars as Ray Cooper, a man who recently lost his wife to cancer. He blames the pharmaceutical company for her death, because they took an affordable generic version of her treatment off the market. 

Sci-fi fans will definitely want to catch Momoa in the upcoming remake of Dune. Based on the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert, Dune is set in an inhospitable future world where very little of anything–aside from sand–exists. David Lynch directed an adaptation of the epic story in 1984 but failed to deliver what audiences were hoping for. The book blends so many genres–adventure, science fiction, magic, politics–that it’s a daunting task to bring it to the big screen. Momoa fans can catch Dune in theaters and streaming on HBO Max on October 22. 

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