Jeremy Vine viewer ends call after breaking down in tears

Caller gives emotional call to Nick Ferrari over Partygate

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Nick Ferrari presented Jeremy Vine Extra on Tuesday and welcomed a panel of guests to debate a number of topics. The presenter spoke with historian and author Tessa Dunlop and the Telegraph’s Christopher Hope, who were all moved by emotional caller, David, from Southport.

During the conversation, David struggled to hold back the tears as he slammed former Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Partygate.

David, who lost his son in 2020, described the heartbreaking moment he attended his son’s funeral.

The caller began: “On the 13th of November 2020 I went to my son’s funeral at 3 o’clock in Southport.

“And by all accounts, at five o’clock the Prime Minister’s wife was dancing around Number 10 singing the Winner Takes It All to the dismissal of Dominic Cummings.”

“Well, there are no words, I can offer my condolences but what I have to ask is how does that make you feel if the facts are right as you present them, David?” Nick asked.

David broke down in tears as he slammed the former Prime Minister.

“We kept to the rules,” the caller replied before issuing an apology for getting emotional. “We were only allowed six people at the funeral including his Mum and Dad. I couldn’t even sit next to my wife properly.”

“I’m so sorry,” the presenter continued. “When you see Boris Johnson on the TV or you see those images of the parties, what goes through your heart, sir?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t stand the man,” David fumed. “I despise him completely. He has been proven a liar and a cheat. Whatever you want to call him, that’s Boris.”

It seemed to get too much for David as he abruptly ended the call with Nick: “I’m sorry, I’ll have to go now.”

Nick concluded: “Ok sir. Again, condolences, of course, from Tessa, from Chris and from all the team here.”

The segment sparked a strong reaction online, with many siding with David over Partygate.

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Mark O’Connor wrote on Twitter: “Hopefully justice is coming David lad.”

Lola Suggs penned: “Shame on Johnson and all those that broke those rules. For me, the worst is that they knowingly scared people when they knew, in reality, the majority of us didn’t need to be scared. People will never get that time back.”

Del Stew added: “A full clearout of all politicians is very much needed. There has to be better and more competent people in this country that can and want to serve we the people. Putting us first over anything and everything outside this country.” (sic)

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