Katherine Ryan feared her daughter Violet would be taken off her after 'malicious' false allegation against her

KATHERINE Ryan feared her daughter Violet would be taken off her after a "malicious" false allegation was made to the authorities.

In a new interview, the comedian recalled how, eight years ago, she was met by child protection officers as she came off the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Speaking to You magazine, she said: "I'd made some bad choices for myself, there had been a few volatile men in my life.

"But I was confident of one truth: Violet was impeccably looked after, protected and loved. We were closer than close. 

"But now I genuinely did not know if my daughter could be taken away from me. I spent the whole night before their visit crying."

It didn't take long for officers to establish Katherine was a responsible and loving mother.

The officers explained the complaint was likely made to hurt her.

While she was reassured that nothing would come between her and Violet, who was four at the time, Katherine still had to go through two formal interviews before the case could be closed.

Katherine, 38, said the whole ordeal made her feel "vulnerable" and scared.

After a string of unsuccessful relationships, Katherine eventually found her Mr Right in the form of childhood sweetheart Bobby Koostra.

The couple, who live in North London, tied the knot in 2019 and have a three-month-old son called Fred.

She previously said of her relationship: "Magically my high school boyfriend walked into my life and I did everything possible not to marry him. I really was against partnership at that point. I was looking forward to ageing alone with many dogs. And then I just loved him too much."

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