Kelly Clarkson accidentally curses & breaks down in tears during surprise party for 39th birthday on livestream

KELLY Clarkson got emotional during a fun and heartfelt surprise birthday party her talk show crew threw for her.

The singer turns 39 on Saturday, and her team recruited a handful of celebs to help her virtually celebrate, which led to some cursing and some crying.

After being led into a room full of colorful balloons and steamers, Kelly sat down and was given a tablet to watch videos from some of her famous friends.

Reba McEntire, Ian Somerhalder, Pentatonix, and The Voice winner Jake Hoot sent their love and birthday wishes.

Jake expressed how much Kelly has meant to him, sharing that she’s at the top of the list when it comes to people who have impacted his life and career.

“You’ve just been such an incredible friend and help, not only on the show but after the show,” he told her.

Trying to fight back tears, Kelly said while watching: “This is so nice, I’m trying not to cry.”

She tried, but she wasn’t able to make it work, and the talk show host started wiping away tears as Jake finished up his sweet message.

The tears soon turned to laughter and cursing when Ian popped up on the screen.

His whole message was incredibly heartfelt about how great of a person Kelly is and how much good she does for people, leading Kelly to marvel at how “everyone’s so nice” to her.

That sentiment quickly changed when Ian ended his message by telling the almost 39-year-old: “Happy 50th!”

The mother of two started cracking up, laughing wildly as she moved back and forth in her chair, slapping her leg.

All of the commotion caused her to knock over one of the giant posters placed behind her.

Flustered, she shouted while trying but failing to catch it: “Oh, sh*t!”

She continued, now directing her message to the Vampire Diaries alum: “50th?! This ain’t even my 40th yet, boy. I don’t even care, I’m ready for my 40th, too.” 

Kelly jokingly added to her team in the room: “Oh my God, I’m sweating. Is it unbelievable hot in here? Oh OK, I was like, is this the change? Maybe I am turning 50.”

The last part of the pre-birthday celebration featured the superstar playing a game of covnersation Jenga, which involved answering a different question for each piece she pulled out.

For the first question, she was asked what her “idea of a seriously good time is,” but she looked like a dear in headlights as she shot back that “everything coming across my brain is not appropriate.”

Finally, she landed on the answer of having a “girls night,” which she recently had when her friends surprised her with a trip to Las Vegas.

She explained that her kids – River, 6, and Remington, 5 – were with the dad and Kelly’s ex, Brandon Blackstock, for the weekend, giving her the chance for the little getaway.

The fun weekend away and this sweet surprise birthday party come after Kelly’s had a “tough” year with nasty custody and divorce battles with Brandon after splitting from him in June 2020. 

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