Love Island viewers left ‘click baited’ with iconic Movie Night

When the girls came back from Casa Amor, many of the original Love Island boys were left grovelling for their girls as their actions in Casa Amor were exposed. As the smoke settled and the couples were getting back on track, Movie Night finally arrived, leaving both the boys and girls worried about what was shown. However, viewers of the series were left feeling let down after only being given 10 minutes of the drama and the episode left on a cliffhanger.

During Tuesday night’s episode, before the credits rolled, a clip of a red carpet and movie theatre played indicating that Movie Night had finally arrived.

However, when it came to the episode on Wednesday evening, it was filled with more drama between Jessie Wynter and Will Young, alongside Oliva Hawkins and Kai Fagan’s tension.

Viewers of the show were left annoyed by the producer’s decision to tease them twice with Movie Night and took to their Twitter to express their anger.

@_meghancx fumed: “@LoveIsland Why advertise tonight as movie night and then show us half of the content? #loveisland sick of these ads and crap content until the last 10 mins of the show.”

@laurenharriss_x expressed: “Wowwwww all the hype for movie night and they’re gonna give us like 10 mins. Fuming #loveisland.” (sic)

@JeremycorBAEn_ commented: “Imagine advertising movie night and then giving us 10 minutes ffs #loveisland.”

@jenjen__xo raged: “I feel like I’ve been gaslit when last night’s whole preview was movie night yet there’s gonna be ten minutes worth at most #loveisland.”

@lauraewykes said: “Have they seriously advertised this as movie night to end up with 2 mins left to show us anything? #loveisland.”

@neekasworld addedL “#loveisland basically did click bait for views, cause there’s literally 15 minutes left of the show.”

@femz_adex wrote: “The producers need to stop this click bait episodes they’re just wasting my time #loveisland.”

As the islanders sat down in their teams of boys and girls, the first question was given which the girls managed to score the point.

The first clip they decided to watch was titled “The Fast and the Curious” and saw Shaq Muhammed telling Will that he was “on job” and open to getting to know the girls.

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The clip moved onto Casey O’Gorman who was shown kissing Sanam Harrinanan, asking Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo if she wanted to share his bed, and the moment she straddled him on the terrace.

As the boys sat laughing, the girls were less than impressed with their attitude, leading Claudia Fogerty to speak up about how she felt, clashing with Casey.

The next round saw the boys take the point and they decided to watch the clip titled “Catch Me if you Tan” which took a look at the conversations she had with Martin Akinola about her feelings towards Shaq and her kiss with him in bed.

Tanya had previously told Shaq that it was a “quick kiss” and it was Martin who initiated it, but he was left unimpressed with what he saw.

Shouting across the table, he asked: “So it was just a peck yeah? And he went in to kiss you? Is that what we are doing, we’re lying now.”

The pair entered a slanging match where Tanya attempted to defend herself, however, Shaq slammed: “I knew you were looking nervous for a reason.”

As the episode came to an end, viewers were given yet another preview of the second half of movie night, this time with Will and Tom Clare’s actions coming to light.

How will their relationships hold up after the truth is exposed?

Love Island airs every night from 9pm on ITV.

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