MAFS’ Luke forced to deny cheating on wife Jay and urges fans to ‘watch out’ for rival

Married At First Sight UK's Luke Worley is facing fresh drama as he has been forced to deny being a cheater in the wake of his bust-up with Jordan Gayle.

Luke is rumoured to have been booted from the E4 dating show over a heated row with Jordan, whom he apparently "punched", in scenes yet to air from the couples' retreat.

An episode on Thursday, 19 October, showed the beginnings of a spat between Luke and Jordan, where Luke appeared to stick up for groom JJ Slater – who had been accused of cheating for flirting with another bride, Ella.

Viewers were shocked at Luke's stance, and it seems some of them have even accused him of being a cheater too, as he posted a fierce denial that he would ever have cheated on bride Jay Howard, or any of his other previous partners, in a video on his Instagram stories.

Luke said: "So all you people calling me a cheat, scumbag, a w***er, probably worse than that actually. I can't be bothered to reply to you.

"There's no point you sending me your messages because I'm not even going to read it. It just goes into my other inbox that I don't even look at.

"But just to note on that, how can I be a cheater, when I've never cheated in my life? I'm the sort of guy when I'm in a relationship, I don't even speak to a random girl down the supermarket asking where the eggs are. So how can I even cheat?"

JJ had been flirting with Ella Morgan behind bride Bianca Petronzi's back, but while Jordan waded in to tell Bianca what had been going on at the dinner party, Luke argued with Jordan that JJ hadn't had the chance to speak to his wife himself.

Viewers accused Luke of defending a cheater and questioned whether it was the beginning of tensions between the pair which is said to have ended in a physical fight in forthcoming episodes.

Clarifying what he'd said at the dinner party, Luke added on Instagram: "I wasn't condoning that sort of behaviour, I was just saying JJ didn't have the opportunity to tell Bianca anything about Ella because he was separated from her for two days and he wasn't allowed to talk to her for them two days.

"So the first opportunity he had to talk to her was at the dinner party and he was about to pull her for a chat and then Jordan started getting in her ear, and that's obviously what got my back up."

Luke took his chance to take another swipe at rival Jordan, as he warned viewers to "watch out" for him as the show continues.

He said: "Whether it was too late or not, whether JJ was in the wrong or not, I'm not saying anything, all I'm saying is he didn't get the opportunity because Jordan was in Bianca's ear to cause the drama. Simple as that.

"So just watch out for Jordan. And watch over the next couple of weeks because you'll notice what he's like."

Luke, who has complained about how he has been presented on Married At First Sight and promised to give the "juicy" details on Instagram after the show has finished, also mocked the dating series' experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas.

He posted pictures of the relationship experts titled "Be a MAFS expert" and made fun of how they matched couples by writing on one: "She lives 6 hours away, he owns a car, let's lock it in!"

On another post, he wrote: "She is a gold digger, he has an overdraft, let's lock it in!"

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