Maid: Does Alex end up with Nate?

Maid: Netflix releases trailer for new drama film

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Warning: This story contains major spoilers for Maid.

Maid has been an overnight success for Netflix, with fans praising the series for its delicate handling of themes stretching from domestic abuse to portrayals of poverty. Many of the themes are directly reflected in its leads, with Alex (played by Margaret Qualley) struggling to choose between her past, Sean (Nick Robinson), and a potential future with Nate (Raymond Ablack).

What happens in Maid?

Maid is based on a memoir by author Stephanie Land, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and A Mother’s Will to Survive.

As a best-selling novel, Netflix was quick to adapt it into a new show, which is proving to be just as popular on the platform.

The series has resonated with viewers as it doesn’t shy away from many of the hardships women have to face.

However, there is also a love story at the core of the show and one fans were hoping would see Alex choose Nate.

Alex has run away from her previous life of domestic abuse and experiences with Sean, bringing her into contact with Nate.

She is joined by her daughter Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet), with Sean the father, causing more conflict throughout the season,

While sleeping rough in a ferry terminal, Alex meets Nate, a man who seemingly can do no wrong for her.

He offers her all the help he can, including a place to stay, but it soon becomes clear he has romantic feelings for Alex.

In fact, they used to work together several years ago in a bar, where Nate first realised how much he loved her.

Does Alex end up with Nate?

Fans worried Alex might return to Sean to escape her life of poverty but many hoped she would turn to Nate.

However, she actually chose neither, avoiding a new relationship with Nate nor going to Sean.

Nate’s help came with conditions Alex didn’t want to accept.

He made it clear he wanted to pursue a relationship with her, but Alex didn’t feel the same way.

Nate stopped trying for a romance but it became clear he wouldn’t stop hoping to become more than just friends.

The deciding moment for Alex and Nate came in episode seven when she slept with Sean again.

The two came together to help Paula (Andie MacDowell), Alex’s mother.

When Nate finds out about the night Sean and Alex spent together, he asks her to leave, closing any hopes the two would get together.

In the closing moments of the show, Alex and Maddy boarded a ferry, leaving both Nate and Sean behind for good.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the Sean and Nate triangle, with many fans hoping for a better outcome with Nate.

@qiriaaa wrote: “I’m watching this series called Maid and I’m just confused on why would Alex turn down Nate just to meet a man on a dating website.” (sic)

“Damn I feel bad for this dude Nate on this show Maid,” @elash0222 added.

@dopegyaaal: “Alex kissing Sean just p*ssed me off, like NO! It’s supposed to be Nate!” (sic)

Maid is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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