Mum paints every single room in her house a shade of pink for 'dopamine décor'

Heather Craig loved pink before Barbiecore was a thing.

So much so that five years ago, she started the journey of turning every room in her four-bedroom house a shade of pink.

Heather, 35, wasted no time whipping out the paint, keen to rid the house of its beige and white walls the moment she and her husband Brian, 42, moved in.

First she had to convince Brian, however, as he’s not the biggest fan of the colour.

Thankfully Heather’s husband saw her vision, and once she kicked things off by painting the kitchen units pink, he was happy to go along with the plan.

Seeing how great the kitchen and downstairs toilet looked with a splash of rose, and convinced by Pinterest boards, he gave the go-ahead for Heather to do a full house transformation.

Over the next few years, she added colour to every single room.

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The kitchen has pink cabinets, her living room is a bright Barbie tone, daughter Rosie’s bedroom is a light, dusky shade, and while the dining room may be yellow, it also has pops of – you guessed it – pink.

Heather, an early years practitioner from Dunfermline, Scotland, says she chose to do it simply because pink is her favourite colour, and she hates dull shades.

The mum-of-two calls her interior style ‘dopamine décor’ – and thankfully her daughters, Rosie, seven, and Olive, five, like it too.

Heather said: ‘I love it – it feels lovely and cheerful.

‘I always feel happy and relaxed in my home.’

‘I have always loved pink since I was a little kid.

‘For every room, pink is my starting point and then I introduce other colours on top.

‘My husband wasn’t persuaded at first, but I told him “it’s just a light red” and he doesn’t even notice it anymore.’

The home’s décor is actually a bit of a throwback – Heather was told the house used to be pink before its bland beige makeover.

When she started painting, she could see remnants of the shade underneath all the white.

Heather is a big proponent of going all out when it comes to your interiors, and painting your home whatever colour brings you joy.

But one thing she’s not a fan of is a feature wall.

‘If it is your favourite colour you might as well use it everywhere,’ said the mum.

‘Those three blank walls are doing nothing, and it looks unfinished.’

Another tip? She advises people to not get scared and tone down their preferred colour – go bold.

‘I would never go down a shade – if you love a colour stick to it, or even go bolder,’ she suggested.

‘If you knock it back two or three shades you will get a wishy-washy look.’

You can check out more of Heather’s interiors on her Instagram, @heatherscolourfulhome.

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