Queen of the South: Does Pote Galvez have children?

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Queen of the South will be back for season five which is expected to come out in June 2021. The previous four series have all been released in June so this may well be the case again, as long as there are no more filming delays. The USA Network series may be about the rise of drug queenpin Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga) but the fan-favourite of the drama has to be none other than Pote Galvez (Hemky Madera).

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Queen of the South.

Pote was introduced as one of Don Epifanio’s (Joaquim del Almeida) thugs back in season one of Queen of the South.

He was seen as one of the bad guys after Pote and partner Gato (James Martinez) were instructed to hunt down Teresa on Epifanio’s behalf.

Prior to getting ready to kill her, Gato started to rape Teresa which Pote didn’t stop and simply left the room.

While Teresa was able to get away by herself by shooting Gato in the face, this wasn’t a great start for Pote.

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Since leaving Epifanio and Camila Vargas’ (Veronica Falcon) employment, Pote has proved his loyalty to Teresa time and time again.

He has become probably her most trusted ally in the series and someone whom she relies on heavily for honest advice and protection.

Pote has almost become like a father figure to Teresa over the past four series and with the continuous flash-forward moments, it doesn’t look like this is going to stop any time soon.

But does the lovable thug actually have a family of his own?

Does Pote Galvez have children?

Pote hasn’t spoken of his own family and so it is believed he doesn’t have any children.

This is probably a good thing due to the nature of his job which would put all of their lives at risk.

But he may not have even become part of the drug world if he did have a wife and children to think about.

Nevertheless, Pote does actually have a goddaughter who viewers find out about in season two of Queen of the South.

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Pote is very handy with a gun, a skill which he learnt from his mentor El Puño (Carlos Compean).

He served as a lieutenant for the Jimenez Cartel but prior to this, he and Pote were good friends.

So much so that El Puño named him as his daughter’s godfather prior to the series starting.

No other details about who his goddaughter is have been revealed so far in Queen of the South.

Pote’s goddaughter may not want anything to do with him though as he was ordered to kill El Puño by Camila.

This was to get revenge against husband Epifanio and after murdering his old friend, El Puño’s head was sent to him with signed divorce papers in his mouth.

Could there be an opportunity for Pote’s goddaughter to get her revenge in a future season?

Queen of the South is available to watch on USA Network.

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