SEAL Team season 5: Clay death ‘sealed’ as fans spot worrying David Boreanaz clue?

Seal Team: Paramount releases season 5 episode teaser

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Fans of the popular CBS military drama, now streaming exclusively on Paramount Plus, are currently waiting for season five to return from its Christmas hiatus. Until that time comes, David Boreanaz has provided some revealing clues on his Instagram page, and the star may have just confirmed the next big death for the SEAL Team.

Actor David, 52, posted a cryptic image of a military jacket in his latest IG story, in view of his 695,000 followers.

In the photo, the left breast of the jacket has been torn open by a bloody gunshot wound, suggesting one member of the Bravo Team won’t be making it out of season five alive.

He added a post reading “Who won’t survive”, as well as the caption “Season five finale”.

David not only confirmed a member of the team will be killed, but fans also have a pretty good idea of who it may be.

They took to Reddit after seeing his post to try and work out the identity of the doomed jacket-owner.

User throwaway374839202 said: “Clay or Jason, they’re the only ones I’ve seen wearing that jacket.”

In previous episodes, both David’s lead character Jason and occasional second-in-command Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) have both sported a similar jacket.

If the evidence is to be believed, the SEAL Team may never be the same again after the potential death of one of the show’s key characters in the finale.

However, the fan in question isn’t so sure such an important character will bite the dust at the end of the next season.

There could still be some misdirect at play, and they pointed to some more clues in the show’s recent promos which suggest the jury’s still out on the next loss for the team.

They explained: “They could also be lying because in the teaser for that one episode when they landed in the hospital it said ‘someone won’t make it’ or something like that.”

While the jacket definitely seems to belong to one of the male characters of the team, it’s still unsure who’s the most likely to get taken out by a stray bullet.

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Other fans have also noticed Clay has been noticeably absent in promos for the upcoming season.

STi-HawkEye replied: “Just throwing it out there, in the video where they were singing Xmas songs, I don’t recall seeing Clay in the team room.

“But all others were accounted for (save for Trent and FM).”

Season five could be getting ready to kill off a slightly more minor character, and Jason star David is simply toying with the audience’s expectations.

However, fans are expecting some big things from the impending finale, and they should be prepared to say goodbye to one of their favourite characters by the end of the season.

“But I honestly think it’s Jason,” the fan continued.

“The cliffhanger would be if he survives or how he handles the TBI while seriously injured and forced to step back as B1 without command knowing about the TBI.”

Jason is currently struggling with the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), but could he also have a fatal bullet wound to contend with heading into season six?

SEAL Team season five continues Sunday, January 2 on Paramount Plus.

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