Soapland’s biggest female feuds including Emmerdale’s Kim and Charity

EastEnders, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale have seen more than their fair share of drama over the years, and there's been some iconic moments.

One of the biggest sources of drama over in soapland is the inevitable feuds between characters, and it's safe to say there's been some memorable fallouts in the past.

We've watched Eileen Grimshaw and Gail Platt viciously argue in the street more times than we can remember, and who can forget Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher's tendency to slap one another when their rows reached boiling point?

Here we take a look through some of the biggest female feuds in soapland…

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Peggy Mitchell & Pat Butcher

They were two of EastEnders most iconic characters, and their on-going feud provided a lot of drama over the years.

Soap legends Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) and Pat Butcher (Pam St Clement) may have been close pals, but they found themselves arguing more than once, especially over Frank Butcher.

Peggy married best pal Pat's ex-husband Frank in 1999, and the three characters soon found themselves in a love triangle.

Pat, while married to Roy Evans, slept with Frank behind Peggy's back shortly after the couple had tied the knot, and it soon developed into an affair.

Peggy discovered Pat and Frank's affair and their plan to elope, and she dramatically revealed their secret in front of everyone in The Queen Vic, before famously slapping both of them round the face.

Pat and Peggy's feud continued for many years despite Frank fleeing Walford, but the women were still there for each other during hard times.

They sorted their differences between both of their deaths, and Pat even appeared as a ghost during Peggy's final scenes to speak to her old friend.

Eileen Grimshaw & Gail Platt

Coronation Street legends Eileen Grimshaw and Gail Platt have been enemies for as long as many viewers can remember.

The pair have always been close pals, but have had many iconic cat fights throughout their time in Weatherfield.

One of Gail and Eileen's most memorable feuds came when Eileen's son Todd cheated on Gail's daughter Sarah, following the realisation that he was actually gay.

Sarah also dated Eileen's other son Jason which didn't go down well either, and of course, we can't forget Eileen's romance with Gail's husband Michael Rodwell.

The two women are known to argue out in the street, and can be found regularly exchanging harsh comments, with their feud not looking to be coming to an end anytime soon.

Kim Tate & Charity Dingle

It's no secret that the Dingle family and the Tates aren't too keen on each other, so it came as no surprise when Emmerdale's Kim Tate and Charity Dingle found themselves embroiled in a bitter feud.

Most recently, Kim blackmailed Charity after she failed to hand herself into the police, leaving her son Noah to take the wrap for the burglary at Home Farm.

Kim took it upon herself to free Noah from police custody, and used it to her advantage as she continued to taunt Charity over her son.

The pair's feud dates back years, and with Charity previously being married to Kim's stepson Chris Tate, they've never quite gotten rid of one another.

Just another of Kim's enemies!

Chrissie & Rebecca White

It's no secret that the Whites were one of the most dysfunctional families in Emmerdale, and they provided us with some explosive storylines over the years.

Most notably, sisters Chrissie and Rebecca's feud has us on the edge of our seats over the years.

The pair's scheming and backstabbing famously came to a head when they found themselves engaged in a fight, with Rebecca slipping and cracking her head open on a slab.

Luckily, she didn't become another of sister Chrissie's victims, but Chrissie eventually met a grizzly end in 2017 when she was killed in a car crash.

Rebecca was last seen leaving the village in 2018 with her partner Ross and son Seb as she attempted to escape the traumatic events that had unravelled.

Natalie Barnes & Sally Webster

Natalie Barnes arrived in Corrie's Weatherfield in 1997, and she quickly made an enemy out of Sally Webster.

Natalie quickly set her sights on Sally's husband Kevin, and the pair soon started an affair behind Sally's back.

Sally eventually found out about her husband's betrayal, and famously flooded Natalie's home in an act of revenge.

The pair found themselves in a vicious cat fight, and never quite settled their differences.

It's safe to say news of Natalie's departure in 2000 was welcomed by Sally!

Stacey Slater & Ruby Allen

EastEnders' Stacey Slater has had her fair share of enemies over the years, but her feud with former best pal Ruby Allen was definitely a whole new level.

In just a few years, Ruby has stolen Stacey's husband, Stacey has stolen Ruby's money, and both have found themselves serving time in prison.

Ruby sent her former friend to prison after falsely telling the police that Stacey had caused her to miscarry her and Martin's baby following an altercation at E20 nightclub.

Stacey served her time but eventually, with the help of mum Jean and ex-husband Martin, managed to uncover Ruby's lies and she was last seen heading to prison.

We look forward to Ruby's explosive return to Albert Square!

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