Spoilers: Vanessa reflects on cancer fight to comfort Charity in Emmerdale

Everyone is reeling in the aftermath of Marlon (Mark Charnock)’s devastating stroke on Emmerdale. The popular character’s family and friends struggle to comprehend the awful news and take in the fact that his entire world changed in an instant.

Charity (Emma Atkins) is overwhelmed with worry about what the future might hold for Marlon. Will he even survive the stroke and the emergency surgery?

She turns to Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) for support, and Vanessa has some encouraging words for her. She says that Marlon is bound to recover – after all, she survived cancer and is there to tell the tale.

Vanessa was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer in 2020 and was successfully treated with chemotherapy.

The Emmerdale team worked with Bowel Cancer UK on Vanessa’s storyline.

They are working with the Stroke Association on the details of Marlon’s stroke storyline, to help to raise awareness of the symptoms of a stroke and how the FAST test can help you spot them.

(FAST – Facial weakness: Can the person smile? Has their mouth or eye drooped? Arm weakness: Can the person raise both arms? Speech problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Time to call 999: If you see any of these signs).

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