Stacey Solomon shares biggest pet peeve and urges family to ‘chip in on chores’

As another episode of Sort Your Life Out got underway this week, organisational queen Stacey Solomon was on hand to help single mum Claire and her five sons to transform their seriously cluttered home and finally get their life back.

During a tour of the property before meeting the family, Stacey was confronted with a strange juxtaposition of rooms as the kitchen and hallway initially appeared to be quite tidy, but it was a completely different story once she ventured into the living room and bedrooms, with visible floor space virtually non-existent!

Clothes and sentimental knickknacks like childhood artwork were piled high in every room, with the lack of storage proving to be a big issue for the family, however it was while exploring the home that Stacey stumbled across one of her biggest pet peeves of all.

The crime in question: Leaving dirty glasses on the side in bedrooms instead of clearing them away.

Clearly irritated by the discovery, Stacey told the camera how it was her pet peeve when people didn’t clear away dirty dishes and plates, before explaining how her own experience as a mum to five children (and a step-mum to husband Joe Swash's son) had left her urging other families to have their kids chip into chores to make life liveable!

“I just don’t see how an entire family doesn’t get involved in all the chores,” explained Stacey.

“Most people are working and then they’re trying to run a house and then they’re trying to feed everybody and then they’re trying to do everything that goes in between."

She then concluded: “So if everybody doesn’t chip in and do their bit, everything becomes impossible and it makes life hard for everybody.”

It was advice the family could definitely learn from, as when she finally met them in person later in the show, Stacey herself couldn’t help but observe: “I noticed nobody knows how to change a bin.”

The former X-Factor star also drew attention to the lack of a system to help with the mountain of laundry in the home, as she frankly declared that the teenage boys should be helping out and doing their laundry.

“Just because you’ve got a penis, doesn’t mean you can’t pop a wash load on!” Stacey argued, much to the delight of fans who agreed that the grown up children should be doing more to help their mum.

“These boys are adults they should sort their lazy a***s out and help their mum tidy up!!” agreed one fan.

Before a second weighed in and added: “Sorry but what a bunch of lazy mummy boys! Get off your backside and help! They should be ashamed. Grown men!”

A third also agreed writing: “Time to cut the apron strings! These "boys" need to grow up and move on or literally rocket up the a**e! I sound harsh but she needs to cut some strings!”

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