Susanna Reid forced to miss GMB again after doctors urge her to skip show amid illness

Ranvir Singh stepped in for Susanna Reid on Monday's Good Morning Britain, after she was forced to miss the show due to illness.

Susanna, 52, previously missed Wednesday's show, after she was left struggling to speak after falling ill.

She appeared on the show via video link from her dress room, where she explained: "I'm fine, I just can't speak!"

And it seems that Susanna, who usually fronts the show from Monday to Wednesday, is still struggling, as she has been put on voice rest by her doctors. It's currently unclear if she will be returning to the show this week.

At the start of Monday's show, Ranvir shared that she had stepped in for Susanna in an unscheduled appearance, telling viewers: "You may have been expecting Susanna as it is a Monday morning.

"And I know she’s watching this morning but she’s on radio silence isn’t she? Because if you were watching last Wednesday, there was a live in her dressing room with Susanna barely able to speak."

Ed then added: "It’s true, she was on the show but her voice didn’t wake up," to which Ranvir replied: "And it’s Monday morning now, and even late last night, she was sending emails about the show, fully wanting to be here."

On Saturday evening, Susanna took to Instagram to share that she wouldn't be appearing on Monday's GMB.

She told her followers: "Quick update on my voice which as you can hear is not one hundred per cent. I feel absolutely fine but the specialist that I saw on Friday said not to risk it until it is better.

"Thank you to everyone at GMB for stepping in and to all of you for your brilliant tips. I have been steaming and also doing honey and lemon and ginger and turmeric tea and drinking tons and tons of water. I will see you soon."

"Sorry I won't be with you in the morning. Vocal chords affected by mild infection (not C), that I didn't even realise I had! Need to rest them a little longer. See you v soon!"

Fans were quick to send her well-wishes, with one writing: "Praying you have a speedy recovery. [prayer hands emoji]"

"Wish you better , it’s doing the rounds unfortunately" added another, while a third penned: "Get well soon. Have some hot whiskey and some honey. [heart eye emoji]"

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