Susanna Reid to present GMB live from Ukrainian border in major ITV first

Ukraine: Susanna Reid hits back about the UK opening its borders

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Susanna Reid has announced she will be reporting live from the Polish-Ukrainian border during tomorrow’s instalment of Good Morning Britain. The long-running host will be speaking with youngster Amelia Anisovych, who went viral after she was recorded singing Frozen’s hit ballad Let It Go from a bomb shelter in Kyiv. Announcing the news this morning, Susanna shared the latest with ITV viewers. 

Having travelled to the region with a small crew yesterday (April 23), Susanna said on Twitter this morning: “Tomorrow I am @gmb in Poland with a special interview with Amelia and her mum Lilia. 

 “The 7-year-old who sang ‘Let It Go’ in the Kyiv bomb shelter has become a symbol of her nation.”

The presenter went on to say: “And I’ll be reporting from the Polish-Ukrainian border live from 6am Monday #GMB.”

Marking the event with a picture, the former BBC Breakfast star also shared a sweet snap of herself standing next to Amelia and her mother Lila and the trio were all smiles. 

Meanwhile, co-host Richard Madeley will be hosting live in the Good Morning Britain studio back in London. 

Sharing her support, Lorraine Kelly reached out to Susanna, saying: “Really worth a watch x.”

The video of Amelia, which had gained huge traction on social media, saw the crowd erupts in cheers and applause when the seven-year-old had finished singing with one voice heard saying: “Bravo! Bravo!”.

Last month, Susanna had addressed the heartbreaking clip alongside co-presenter Martin Lewis saying: “She’s a symbol of hope, isn’t she?

“For the people of Ukraine. Well done, Amelia,” the ITV host beamed. 

Taking the internet by storm, Amelia has been watched by millions of people, and she had even been noticed by the song’s original singer Idina Menzel.

Now, Amelia and her family live in Poland after escaping the conflict in Ukraine. 

Speaking to the BBC, the little girl said living in the shelter was “okay” as there were “other children living there”.

The young singer added to the BBC: “My classmate Artyom was there too.”

When asked about what she liked about the film Frozen, she said: “I really like Elsa and Anna and Kristoff and Sven, these are other characters in the cartoon.”

While she was living in Poland with her grandma, she went on to confess: “I would be really happy to live with my mother and father in Kyiv, of course.”

She thanked her supporters all around the world, saying: “I would say thank you that you enjoy my singing. 

“I practice singing every day in the morning, afternoon and evening,” she told the journalist. 

The video went on to inspire David Tennant who pleaded with people to donate to the Ukraine crisis as he hosted Red Nose Day 2022.

He addressed the public saying: “There’s [the crisis in] Ukraine and I don’t know about you but I find it very hard to see past that at the moment,” he admitted saying the video “broke his heart”.

“I think it hit me because I feel so helpless because there’s a wee girl in a basement singing the same song that my kids grew up singing,” he added.

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