The Chase fans distracted by set shake-up as Bradley Walsh introduces cast

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The Chase viewers were left feeling smug after they spotted a clever trick put in place by the show's producers as host Bradley Walsh introduced the lineup.

He welcomed viewers to the show and explained the rules before he turned to the team of four hopefuls set to try their hand at beating the Chaser for a cash prize.

The panelists names were Richard, Tracy, Nancy and Drew – Richard is often shortened to Dick, which meant that eagle eyed viewers put two and two together.

Dick Tracy is a police detective comic book character, while Nancy Drew is a fictional mystery solver popularised in children's books.

Keen fans descended to Twitter to share their findings.

An eager viewer wrote: "Glad to see I'm not the only one who clocked Dick Tracy and Nancy Drew."

Another said "clever name placement" while one simply called it a "well played" move by the producers.

A confused fan tweeted: "Since when did The Chase start putting contestants in funny name order every single episode?

Drew went first and Bradley called him up to the podium to ask him about his life, career and hobbies.

He told Walsh that he is a graphic designer and likes to go swimming five times a week in his spare time.

The contestant also admitted he likes to take drawing classes and Bradley asked him whether he had ever designed something he would recognise.

Drew then revealed that he had created the Twiglets logo which is still used today and an amazed Bradley couldn't believe his ears.

They continued on to the cash builder round and after a decent effort, Drew came away with £6,000, which Walsh praised him for.

The Chaser was then revealed as Paul Sinha, known as the Sinner Man, and he took centre stage in the Chaser chair.

Before they could get on with the round, Paul mentioned something that made the studio laugh.

He had finally spotted the lineup and told Bradley that it was "one of those teams again," before he read out their names.

A seemingly unimpressed Bradley looked over at the panel and tutted before the studio audience laughed.

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