‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: The First Queen/King of Round 2 Is Revealed

The hit FOX singing competition show’s new episode, which features three new celebrity singers showing off their skills on ‘Andrew Lloyd Weber Night’, sees only one of them surviving.

AceShowbiz -“The Masked Singer” returned with a new episode on Wednesday, October 19. The episode, which featured three new celebrity singers showing off their skills on “Andrew Lloyd Weber Night”, saw only one of them advancing. As for Harp, she was named the Round 1 Queen after surviving for three weeks.

The first up was Maize, whose clues included a big ole CORN COB. She also made references to cornfields and moving to the big city, New York City. That night, she sang “Heaven on Their Minds” from “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Nicole Scherzinger guessed Jonathan Groff, Robin Thicke named Nathan Lane, while Jenny McCarthy mentioned Mario Cantone.

Later, Mermaid hit the stage to sing “Andy Dream Will Do” from “Joseph”. Among her clues was a harp and she also revealed that she once had a horrible accident. As for the guesses, Jenny guessed Roberta Flack. Robin thought she could be Gloria Gaynor. Andrew, who joined as the guest panelist, named Gloria Estefan.

Robo Girl followed it up with a performance of “Bad Cinderella” from “Cinderella”. In her clues, she mentioned that she’s lived in the shadows of superstars. It also included a surf board. Robin named Jenna Dewan for his guess. Nicole mentioned Keke Palmer, while Ken Jeong guessed Selena Gomez.

It was time to announce the first singer to be eliminated. The first celebrity contestant who was sent home was Maize, meaning that Mermaid and Robo Girl were sent to the Battle Royal. As for the final guesses, Andrew mentioned Jack White, Robin still went with Nathan Lane and Jenny picked Mario Cantone. Ken guessed Bowen Yang, while Nicole stayed with Jonathan Groff. Jenny was right because the Maize turned out to be Mario Cantone.

For the Battle Royale, Mermaid and Robo Girl sang different versions of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” from “Evita”. Mermaid impressed the audience with her deep lower register. Meanwhile, Robo Girl stunned with her upper register. After the vote, Robo Girl was named this round’s first Queen of Masked Singer. Meanwhile, Mermaid was eliminated.

For the final guesses, Jenny still believed that Mermaid was Roberta Flack. Robin and Nicole guessed Gloria Gaynor. Ken guessed Cher, while Andrew thought she could be Gloria Estefan. When Mermaid pulled off her mask, it was revealed that she was Queen of Disco a.k.a. Gloria Gaynor!

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