'The Office': There's a Reason Jenna Fischer Was So Emotional Reading Jim's Teapot Card to Pam

Though there are plenty of sweet Jim and Pam moments throughout the nine seasons of The Office, the scene where Pam finally gets to read the teapot card certainly stands out to fans. Both Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski (who play Pam and Jim) were extremely emotional in the scene, but Fischer’s raw feelings truly stand out. And it turns out that there’s a very good reason for that.

Fans of The Office will recall that the teapot card made its first appearance in the “Christmas Party” episode of Season 2. When Jim gets Pam in Secret Santa, he gifts her with a teapot. Going a step further, he also stuffs the teapot full of inside jokes, calling them “bonus gifts.” Finally, he adds a card, sharing that the holidays are a time to tell people how you feel. Fans were eager to discover what was in the card but, at the last minute, Jim steals the card back, keeping viewers in suspense.

Fans of ‘The Office’ love the episode where Pam finally reads Jim’s teapot letter

It would take seven more seasons before the teapot card made another appearance. In the penultimate episode of The Office, “A.A.R.M”, Pam confessed that she doesn’t feel that she is enough for Jim. To prove her wrong, Jim enlists the documentary crew to make a video of their relationship and also presents her with the teapot card. Upon reading it, Pam is moved to tears and seemingly begins to get over her insecurity about being enough for Jim.

While it’s no secret that both Krasinski and Fischer are talented actors, a lot of the emotion in the aforementioned scene is quite real. In an interview with Office Tally, David Rogers, who directed “A.A.R.M” revealed that Krasinski went out of his way to make sure that the teapot scene was a sweet and emotional moment for his co-star. In fact, the teapot card was actually a letter from Krasinski to Fischer, and her first time reading it was on camera.

John Krasinski wrote a sweet note to Jenna Fischer

“John Krasinski wrote what’s inside the card at some point prior to us shooting the scene for ‘A.A.R.M’ and it is a private message to his co-star and dear friend, Jenna Fischer,” Rogers stated, sharing trivia about the special episode of The Office. “They are the only ones who know what it says. She read it for the first time when he gave it to her in the first take we shot and I can tell you that judging from her emotional response, it’s really something special.”

Fischer didn’t see Jim and Pam’s video montage until the camera was rolling

But writing a real letter wasn’t the only thing that Krasinski did to contribute to Fischer’s emotion. He also helped out with the video that Pam watched and made sure that Fischer didn’t see it until the camera was rolling. “John had some input with the video and he did not want Jenna to see it until we shot the scene,” Rogers shared. “The first time she watched it was the first take we rolled on. We played the video with music and we only filmed the scene a few times since the emotion from the video and Jim’s teapot card were there from the start.”

The teapot letter remains a secret between ‘The Office’ castmates

It’s sweet that Krasinski went out of his way to do such a lovely gesture for Fischer. Clearly, Fischer’s emotion played beautifully in the scene also. And while we’re sure fans of The Office are still dying to know exactly what the teapot letter says, we kind of love that it’s a private secret between the actors.

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