The Valleys’ Nicole Morris is unrecognisable 10 years on as show hints at return

The Valley's Nicole Morris looks totally different to how she used to on the Welsh reality show a decade ago.

The beautiful reality TV star has gotten rid of her iconic redhead look and now rocks shiny blonde locks.

She was just 19 when she started out on the show in 2021 and now is approaching her thirties.

From looking at her Instagram, it is clear she is still full of glam and it shows she lives a lavish lifestyle full of boozy brunches and dining out.

This revelation comes as The Valleys could be hinting at a possible return to our screens, to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

On Thursday, its Facebook page updated its profile picture which sent fans wild at the chance of it coming back to MTV.

Fans swarmed to the comment section, with one saying: "Loved the valleys please do a reunion show"

A second added: "I can't wait to see this back on TV!"

While a third penned: "Oh my goddddddddd. Please tell me this is coming back to our screens !!!!!!!!!!!"

A fourth wrote, "yes it is making a comeback" and another stated, "buzzing".

Former The Valleys star Natalie Harris even commented on the post and said: "Imagine us lot coming back"

To which, a fan responded: "you should do a reunion would be fab!

"Can I be an extra do u see anyone anymore?"

The reality star then replied: "no not seen anyone, but still chat to a few x

"Would be very lush to see everyone again"

So, if rumour has it that the show is back it doesn't seem like they have asked the original cast – or maybe Natalie just missed the memo.

The show was axed two years after it started with MTV focusing more on its Newcastle-based reality show Geordie Shore.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Nicole explained how she first got on the show, saying it was a big shock for her.

Nicola said: "My friend applied for me because she thought I'd be a good part in it. I didn't really know what to expect, I didn't think I'd get on it, it was such a massive shock."

After starring in the show with her "don't hate me cause you ain't me" attitude the aspiring hairdresser from Swansea admitted her life – and breast size – changed forever.

"I couldn't go anywhere without being noticed and stopped, I got loads of free stuff and I would do lots of public appearances and photo shoots which I loved."

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