The View’s Ana Navarro censored live on air after explicit remark

The View: Ana Navarro asks for help from crew member

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The View’s all-star panel discussed the sociopolitical and entertainment news of the week. However, during a conversation surrounding the Academy Awards, things took a turn for the worst when producers were forced to bleep host Ana Navarro live on air.

On Monday’s show, The panel discussed the Academy Awards, which aired the night before.

After they spoke about who won and who got snubbed, host Navarro gave her opinion on some of the attendees’ fashion choices on the red carpet.

She explained: “And I will tell you, I also thought, people understood the assignment yesterday. The fashion choices were unbelievable.

“I mean, my friend, Eva Longoria, looked like a vision.”

“How she kept them t*ts in place, I don’t know,” Ana exclaimed. But she was bleeped out when she said the NSFW word.

As the camera angle changed, her co-host Sara Haines could be seen pulling at her hair and pulling a shocked expression.

Alyssa Farah Griffin burst out laughing, but comedian Whoopi Goldberg did not seem phased by Navarro’s comment.

Although co-host Sunny Hostin agreed with her, adding: “But she did!”

Viewers who were watching The View live were quick to comment on Navarro’s on-screen blip.

One viewer @Xanderdash wrote: “#TheView Ana Navarro saying t*tties on the show!”

With @TheSistahChick adding: “Ana, Can you say ‘t*tties’ on daytime tv?”, accompanied by a gif of Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air looking confused.

While @gramfurn commented: “Lol Ana about Eva’s t*tties. #TheView.”

It’s not the first time the commentator was silenced during a live episode of The View.

During an episode last year in October, Navarro had a shocking response to a relationship segment.

Whoopi asked the panel’s opinions on the idea of a breakup getaway trip and Ana’s answer had everyone in a state of shock.

The comedian told a story about a couple who had gone viral for posting on TikTok documenting a vacation together after breaking up, in order to go through more healing.

Alyssa and Sunny both disagreed with the idea straight away as they both felt as if one party might be too attached to the other.

However, Navarro had another untamed comment for the viewers, saying: “Let me tell you something – makeup sex and breakup sex are good sex.

“There’s a lot of emotion in it and it’s just – not everyone has a utopia relationship. Sometimes things are complicated and people have to break up.”

Co-host Haines interjected saying: “But what’s the point of the trip if you’re just having sex?” to which Navarro replied: “Sex can be very healing.”

The View airs weekdays on ABC in the US.

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