The Woman in the Wall on BBC One episode schedule

WARNING: This warning contains spoilers from The Woman in the Wall.

The Woman in the Wall is making its way to BBC One, exploring the horrors of the Magdalene Laundries that were used to punish “fallen women”. So, how many episodes can fans expect?

While the upcoming BBC series is fictional, the Magdalene asylums, better known as Laundries, were real in Ireland.

These were buildings where young women who were pregnant or considered promiscuous were sent to live and work in terrible conditions under the watchful eyes of priests and nuns.

In the drama, The Affair star Ruth Wilson portrays seamstress Lorna Brady who had her baby taken from her during her time at one of the laundries as a teenager.

The ordeal from years ago still haunts her but things grow even more complicated when one day she wakes up to find an unknown woman dead in her home.

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How many episodes are in The Woman in the Wall? 

The Woman in the Wall is going to premiere on Sunday, August 27, at 9.05pm on BBC One.

There won’t be too long to wait for the next instalment as episode two comes out the following day, Monday, August 28, at the slightly earlier time of 9pm.

The thriller will consist of six episodes in total with two episodes airing each week, Sundays and Mondays.

The grand finale of the drama will be released on Monday, September 11, with the entire series also ready to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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Starring in the thriller is actress Ruth Wilson and actor Daryl McCormack as Lorna Brady and Detective Colman Akande, respectively.

Viewers will recognise Wilson from The Affair, His Dark Materials, Mrs Wilson and Luther.

Meanwhile, Akande first rose to fame in period drama Peaky Blinders where he played Isaiah Jesus, followed by parts in Bad Sisters, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande and The Wheel of Time.

Wilson spoke of her initial reaction when she first read the script for The Woman in the Wall.

She explained: “I remember thinking, ‘God, this is really swimming on something fascinating.

“I thought it was totally unique in the way it was written, laced through a number of different genres… psychological horror, comedy-crime caper. It was like, ‘Wow, I’ve not seen this before, so I’m interested in where this is going.’

“But it’s also about something really vital.

“I’d watched The Magdalene Sisters and Philomena, but I didn’t know a huge amount [about the laundries], so I thought it was a really creative way of bringing this story to a wider audience.”

The Woman in the Wall premieres on Sunday, August 27, at 9.05pm on BBC One.

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