These Teen Mom Moments Were The Year's Most Dramatic

Amber, Briana, Catelynn, Chelsea, Cheyenne, Jade, Kailyn, Leah, Maci, and Mackenzie are teen moms — and they have all tackled the many challenges that come with being young parents head-on. And their 2020 stories have featured new pressures of motherhood and evolving personal relationships.

From sicknesses to sorrow, we are looking back at the most dramatic moments featuring the 10 courageous women. Take a look at the roundup below, share which memory stands out to you and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.

  • Amber’s MTV family has her back

    Amber had her first court appearance related to her arrest and multiple felony charges — and Maci, Catelynn and Cheyenne all traveled to Indiana to rally around the mother of two and attend the preliminary hearing.

  • Briana tests positive for an STI

    Briana had unprotected sex with Stella’s father Luis (multiple times), so she went to Planned Parenthood to get tested for several STDs and STIs. Unfortunately, she contracted chlamydia from Luis; she was able to treat the infection with antibiotics.

  • Catelynn and Tyler set boundaries with Butch

    Butch had sadly “slipped back into his old ways” after treatment and had yet to meet Cate and Ty’s youngest daughter Vaeda. And when the little girl turned one, her grandfather was not present because the couple had decided to cease contact with him while he wasn’t clean.

  • Chelsea is leaving Teen Mom 2

    The soon-to-be mom of four is closing this chapter of her life — and viewers can “look forward to finishing her story this season.”

  • Cheyenne has a medical emergency

    Ryder developed a fever and could not hold down food, which can be “really dangerous” because the toddler suffers from a genetic condition called VLCAD and her body can go into shock if she doesn’t eat. Cheyenne took her daughter to the hospital and faced the situation on her own because Cory was away competing on The Challenge. Fortunately, Ryder made a complete recovery.

  • Jade is caught in the middle

    Jade, Sean and her parents Christy and Corey got into a huge fight (which was not captured by MTV), and the police were called after it turned physical between Sean and Corey. Christy and Corey believed Sean planted a drug pipe in their room (there was video of the alleged incident), while Sean claimed he took a phone charger out of their bedroom. Jade didn’t know who to trust and felt stuck in the middle.

  • Kailyn gets a surprise phone call

    Kail was taken completely off guard when her mom Suzi — whom she hadn’t spoken to in years — unexpectedly reached out. The conversation did not improve their already fragile relationship.

  • Leah comes clean about her past

    Leah wrote a memoir and revealed in the book that she was addicted to pain medication five years ago. The reason the mother of three was not honest about her struggle at the time? She was afraid of “what the repercussions would be.”

  • Maci worries about Ryan

    Bentley’s 11th birthday party featured both of his parents — even though there was an order of protection in place for Ryan. But Maci admitted that something felt “off” with Ryan and, in her opinion, “he was one hundred percent not sober.”

  • Mackenzie “forced it all” with Josh

    The mother of three was devastated when her high school sweetheart confessed he was “inappropriate with things” at a bar. She filed for divorce, he proposed again — and she said yes.

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