This Is How Much Director Jon Favreau Is Worth

You may be familiar with Jon Favreau’s name thanks to the fact that he’s certainly a famous figure, but do you really know just how much he’s accomplished? Hint: He has done a lot, and it’s definitely paying off.

Just take a peek at IMDb, and you’ll see that his acting credits go all the way back to 1992 and include gigs in movies like 1996’s Swingers, 2000’s The Replacements, 2008’s Iron Man, and 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street, to name a few. He’s also appeared on shows like Seinfeld, Friends, and The King of Queens, not to mention that he’s done voice work for animated series and films like Family Guy, Open Season, and The Jungle Book. Granted, his performances are only the tip of the iceberg concerning his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Indeed, Favreau has directed and produced films like 2003’s beloved holiday classic Elf (which he also had a minor role in) as well as 2019’s The Lion King. Of course, he was also one of the main people behind the scenes of multiple Marvel movies — and, as a result, with the help of Robert Downey Jr., “kickstarted one of the most successful franchises of all time,” according to Entertainment Weekly — as well as the super-popular Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. That kind of success is why, even though many of his peers are pretty darn wealthy themselves, Favreau has a seriously formidable fortune.

Jon Favreau is one of Hollywood's most successful directors

It’s safe to say Jon Favreau is raking in the dough. To get an idea of what that is, take a look at how much money his movies make. According to a Forbes‘ report from 2019, Cowboys & Aliens had a worldwide gross of $174.8 million, while Elf sat at $220.4 million. As impressive as that is, they didn’t make nearly as much as Iron Man, which brought in $585.2 million, or Iron Man 2, which was responsible for $623.9 million. Beyond that, The Jungle Book — which he directed and produced — had taken in $966.6 million and earned him the #3 spot on the list of “Top-Grossing Hollywood Directors Of 2016.” But none of those compare to the star’s most lucrative movie — that honor goes to The Lion King, with a staggering $1.035 billion (a number that was estimated to continue to rise).

That’s why it’s a safe bet to bank on Favreau and why Celebrity Net Worth reports that he has a whopping $100 million.

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